YTO diesel engine can be matched with various main engines in batches

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  • YTO diesel engine aims at the three major sections of OEMs, dealers and users, and strives to improve the level of service quality
  • In 2021, the total sales volume of YTO diesel engines will reach 138,600 units, and the scale of supporting external customers such as harvesting machinery and construction machinery will increase year-on-year
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At present, the national fourth switch has entered the countdown. Whether it is an engine company or a host company, they are going all out to advance the preparations before the switch of agricultural machinery to the fourth country.

As the switching time draws nearer, users are paying more and more attention to the company's preparation for the National IV emission upgrade.

For non-road National IV engines, especially agricultural machinery with harsh working conditions, users are more concerned about whether the products are mature and reliable.

As the big brother in the field of agricultural power, YTO (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "YTO Diesel Engine") has always attracted the attention of the industry for its preparation for the non-road National IV emission upgrade.

You Hai, General Manager of YTO (Luoyang) Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Recently, the reporter interviewed You Hai, general manager of YTO diesel engine, on the development effect of YTO diesel engine, the development process of China IV products, the challenges it faces and the direction of future breakthroughs.

Focus on the main business: remarkable achievements in improving quality and efficiency

Statistics show that in 2021, the total sales volume of YTO diesel engines will reach 138,600 units. The scale of supporting external customers such as harvesting machinery and construction machinery will increase year-on-year, and the sales volume of supporting external markets will increase by 10.87%.

You Hai said that behind the eye-catching performance is the all-round growth of YTO diesel engine in recent years.

For a long time, YTO Diesel Engine has always adhered to anchoring the needs of users and the direction of industrial development. By giving full play to the advantages of professional supporting services, it has effectively strengthened the management and control capabilities in technology, quality, service, supply chain, etc., and achieved remarkable results in improving quality and efficiency.

YTOYTN3 engine

In terms of technology research and development, the performance and reliability of the YTO diesel engine have been significantly improved, the power economy has become better and better, and the failure rate has dropped significantly. In addition, the newly designed and developed YTN series of new platforms such as YTN3, YTN5, YTN9 are being put on the market one after another.

In terms of quality control, product consistency was further improved by increasing investment. In the past two years, YTO diesel engine has focused on the improvement of the manufacturing process. The average annual investment in production line equipment and testing equipment is as high as 100 million yuan, which effectively reduces the interference of human factors in the manufacturing process and effectively guarantees product consistency.

In terms of service guarantee, YTO Diesel aims at the three major sections of OEMs, dealers and users, and proposes the concept of joint service and precise service, pays attention to the feelings of users, and strives to improve the level of service quality, including matching with OEM products, dealers training, basic maintenance for users before the busy farming season, legacy tracking after the busy farming season, etc.

In terms of supply chain optimization, we will prudently study and judge the industry situation, give full play to the scale advantage and bargaining power of centralized procurement, and optimize and adjust the supplier chain. More high-quality suppliers in the industry are included in the procurement list, and those with relatively weak quality control capabilities are excluded, and product quality is further guaranteed.

Active layout: already has the ability to switch to the fourth country in an all-round way

You Hai said that as one of the earliest domestic engine companies engaged in the research and development of non-road National IV products, YTO diesel engine started the development of National IV new products in 2015, and it has been seven years so far.

In the past seven years, YTO diesel engine has made a lot of investment in research and development, verification and other aspects. At present, the laboratory verification, the field "three high" verification and calibration of the whole machine have been completed, and it has the comprehensive switching ability of the national four.

YTO National IV diesel engine completes plateau calibration

According to reports, YTO diesel engine has put more than 150 verification vehicles all over the country for field verification, with a total verification time of more than 60,000 hours, spanning a variety of climates, temperatures, altitudes, covering multiple operating seasons, and establishing a massive database. .

You Hai emphasized that YTO diesel engine's National IV products have been fully verified, and it has the ability to support various types of main engines in batches, and is currently carrying out small batch matching with various main engine products.

In terms of tractor support, the full range of LR and the new generation of YTN3 National IV products are actively supporting the entire line of leading companies in the industry. Most of the National IV complete machines have completed PEMS testing and field test verification, and some National IV complete machines are being trial-produced.

In the aspect of harvester matching, the national four products have achieved multiple breakthroughs. Reached cooperation agreements with leading companies in a number of sub-fields, including successfully supporting Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery's wheat harvester and Wode rice combine harvester.

Regarding the corn harvester, You Hai revealed that the YTO diesel engine is actively connecting with the first-line brands in the industry, and it is believed that there will be good news in the near future.

He said that in the future stage of China's fourth stage of agricultural machinery, YTO diesel engines will form a national fourth product pattern with complementary two-valve and four-valve, high and low power matching, and compact connection covering 30~400kW.

Facing Challenges: A New Platform Helps Industry Upgrade

You Hai pointed out that the switch to the fourth country is an inevitable choice for the development of the current agricultural machinery industry, and it is also a challenge that YTO diesel engines must face.

In order to expand the product line after the national fourth switch, form a high and low power segment, and improve product competitiveness. In 2018, YTO diesel engine began to develop and design engines including 3L displacement, the new YTN platform. So far, the YTN platform has formed a matrix of YTN3, YTN5, and YTN9 series products.

LY1004 tractors equipped with YTOYTN3 engine rolled off the production line in batches

Among them, YTN3 will be equipped with YTO's LY1004 tractor in small batches and introduced to the market in April 2022. You Hai said that from the perspective of users' usage, YTN3 is superior to the 4L platoon in the third stage of China in terms of light weight, energy efficiency, fuel economy, NVH characteristics (comprehensive driving comfort experience such as noise and vibration), etc. It is highly recognized by users. At the same time, at the beginning of the design of the YTN platform, the need for continuous upgrading was considered, and a basic platform was built for the future non-road country five upgrades.

You Hai confidently said that in the future industry, the series products of YTN's new platform will become the ace products of YTO diesel engine, which is highly competitive in the market. At present, the construction of the supporting production line of the new YTN platform is in full swing and will be officially completed in October 2022.

When the new production line is built, it will run in parallel with the existing production line. At that time, the intelligent equipment on the logistics side will be improved, the production capacity of YTO diesel engines will be doubled, and the production efficiency will be further improved. In addition, the higher automation level of the new production line will also help YTO products to be further improved in terms of consistency and stability.

In the face of many people's doubts about the necessity of agricultural machinery upgrading to the National Fourth, You Hai believes that in the short term, the National Fourth upgrade will bring a period of pain to the industry. It is expected that the industry as a whole will decline by 30% to 40% in 2023. .

But in the long run, the upgrading of agricultural machinery will bring at least the following two benefits to users.

First, the consistency and stability of engine products are required to be higher, and at the same time, the product technology of the whole machine enterprise is forced to upgrade, which drives the technological progress of my country's agricultural machinery industry.

Second, the design of the whole machine is more visualized and intelligent to meet the needs of the new generation of farmers for the comfort of agricultural machinery.

You Hai told reporters that the confidence and courage of YTO diesel engine in the face of agricultural machinery upgrading to the fourth country stems from its long-standing competitive advantages in R&D, manufacturing, and branding. Next, the YTO diesel engine will welcome the arrival of the four non-road regulations with a more confident attitude. Editor / Xu Shengpeng


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