Zhao Cheng's 28-year ingenuity guards the copper galloping horse

Seetao 2022-08-05 10:07
  • Zhao Cheng has been making copper galloping horses for 28 years, and his father taught him the craft when he was in high school
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The reason why the bronze galloping horse is famous in the world mainly comes from its ingenious shape - the horse is 34.5 cm high and 41 cm long. , Asuka looked back, looking very horrified.

The bronze galloping horse unearthed in the Leitai Han Tomb in Wuwei City, Gansu Province is also known as "horse stepping on a flying swallow". It is a national cultural relic and a treasure of the Gansu Provincial Museum. Many tourists and cultural exchange friends who travel to Gansu will bring home a small copper horse cultural and creative product, not only as a memory, but also with "unconstrained" wishes. How did this national treasure get another life in the hands of the entertainer? Shou artist Zhao Cheng told everyone the story of him and the cultural and creative products of "Bronze Galloping Horse".Editor/Ma Xue