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6 new companies of China Railway Construction Engineering were unveiled

Seetao 2022-08-05 10:11
  • The concentrated unveiling of the six companies has made positive contributions to the high-quality development of China Railway
  • China Railway Construction Engineering Group continues to deepen corporate reform, optimize the layout of the industrial chain, and become China Railway Ace Engineering Bureau
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On August 3, 2022, the unveiling ceremony of China Railway Construction Engineering Group Numbering Company was held in Beijing. Chen Yun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Railway Group, attended the ceremony and inaugurated the first, second, third, fourth and fifth Construction Co., Ltd. of China Railway Construction Engineering Group. Geng Shubiao, Assistant to the President and Minister of Planning and Development, attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Chen Yun pointed out that in recent years, China Railway Construction Engineering Group has implemented various strategic deployments and work requirements of the joint-stock company, continuously deepened enterprise reform, accelerated quality and efficiency improvement, actively developed and innovated to create a first-class urban construction service provider, and accelerated the creation of ace projects. The pace of development, the main economic indicators, especially the newly signed contract value and operating income, have reached new highs.

Regarding the next development of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, Chen Yun emphasized:

The first is to strengthen the construction of the ace engineering bureau, and strive to be the ace army with both internal and external excellence. It is necessary to cherish the greatness of the country, firmly implement the historical mission given by the joint-stock company, focus on strengthening the market orientation, plan the top-level design in advance, base on the core advantages in the field of housing construction, optimize the layout of the industrial chain, and take the big business management and the improvement of the safety and quality system as the starting point , and strive to achieve two transformations of the development model. It is necessary to actively benchmark against industry benchmarking enterprises, make full use of the key support measures of the joint-stock company to strengthen the strong and support the excellent, take the lead in building the China Railway Ace Engineering Bureau, and effectively play a leading role in demonstration.

The second is to strengthen the construction of tertiary engineering companies and strive to be the vanguard of engineering companies. It is necessary to establish a clear orientation, take the continuous strengthening of the construction of leading engineering offices including number companies and the construction of specialized, specialized, and new professional companies as the starting point, further optimize the development direction of engineering companies, and promote the overall coordinated development, high-quality development, and sustainable development of engineering companies. develop. It is necessary to adhere to the principle of marketization, give more developed engineering companies greater autonomy, do everything possible to invigorate engineering companies, implement key support measures to support the strong and the excellent, establish an assessment orientation focusing on quality and efficiency, and further highlight leading engineering companies, especially The outstanding contribution of the number company to the incremental development of the Construction Engineering Group.

Third, tertiary engineering companies should strengthen their own construction and strive to be model students of self-reliance and self-improvement. It is necessary to anchor its own strategic positioning, enhance confidence and determination in development, actively develop the enterprise in terms of management concepts, management and control models, management resources, management measures, etc., continuously cultivate development advantages, and solidly practice the basic skills of high-quality development. We must take the responsibility of leading the development of China Railway tertiary engineering company, focus on benefit improvement and value creation, based on our own development advantages, and make every effort to become stronger, better and bigger.

Heads of relevant departments at the headquarters of the joint-stock company, members of the leadership team of China Railway Construction Engineering Group, middle-level principals and above in the headquarters, and heads of the Beijing branch and number company attended the ceremony; middle-level and above personnel of each unit of China Railway Construction Engineering Group participated in the ceremony by video Attend the ceremony online. Editor / Zhao E