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POWERCHINA signs contract for Bolivian steel plant water supply pipeline project

Seetao 2022-08-05 10:30
  • The total contract duration of the project is 12 months
  • This project is another breakthrough of POWERCHINA in Bolivia's mining sector following the signing of the Amaya Gold Mine Project
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Recently, POWERCHINA and Sinosteel Equipment (Bolivia) Co., Ltd. signed a contract for the Paraguay River water supply pipeline project of the Bolivia Muton Integrated Steel Plant Project in La Paz.

The project is located in Mutong Town, Puerto Suarez City, Bolivia. The total contract period is 12 months. The main project contents are to build a new water intake structure and a water intake pump station, a new secondary booster pump station, and lay 115km of raw water pipelines and optical fibers. 1, and supporting the construction of corresponding auxiliary structures and auxiliary facilities.

It is reported that since POWERCHINA entered the Bolivian market, its business development has steadily improved. At present, it has completed 6 projects including the San Jose Hydropower Station, the Padia Highway, and the Iqiluo Highway. A number of projects are under construction, such as Elcia Highway, Mutong Iron Mine Supporting Power Station, La Paz Water Supply, and Amaya Gold Mining. Editor/He Yuting