Central Yunnan water diversion project is about to start

Seetao 2022-08-08 09:06
  • The total length of the water transmission line is 1769.052 kilometers, and it is planned to start construction at the end of August
  • The supporting project of the second phase of water diversion in central Yunnan includes three parts: water delivery project, water lifting project and regulation and storage project
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On August 2, 2022, the Yunnan Provincial Department of Water Resources approved the "Preliminary Design Report for the Second Phase of the Central Yunnan Water Diversion Supporting Project", marking the completion of the preliminary work of the second-phase supporting project of the Central Yunnan Water Diversion with an investment of 33 billion yuan and entering the construction and implementation stage. Construction is expected to start by the end of August.

Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project

It is reported that since the 1960s, the Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project has been included in the State Council's "Jinsha River Basin Planning Opinion", "Yangtze River Basin Comprehensive Utilization Planning Report", "National Water Resources Comprehensive Plan (2010-2030)" and successive national economic The Outline of the Five-Year Plan for Social Development and Development is a landmark project among the 172 major water conservancy projects for water conservation and water supply identified by the State Council, and it is also the water resources allocation project with the largest investment scale and the most difficult construction in Southwest China.

The engineering design level year is 2040, and the average annual water diversion is 3.403 billion cubic meters, including 2.229 billion cubic meters of urban and industrial water supply, 502 million cubic meters of agricultural irrigation water supply, and 672 million cubic meters of lake ecological environment water supply. After the project is completed, water can be diverted from the main stream of the Jinsha River, which is relatively abundant in water, to central Yunnan, effectively alleviating the contradiction between urban production and domestic water in central Yunnan, improving the ecological and water environment conditions of rivers and plateau lakes in the area, benefiting a population of 11.12 million and benefiting With a total land area of 36,900 square kilometers, it will effectively promote the sustainable economic and social development of Yunnan.

The second-phase supporting project is located in 6 prefectures (cities) of Lijiang, Dali, Chuxiong, Kunming, Yuxi and Honghe. It is an important support and guarantee to give full play to the benefits of the Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project. The main construction content of the project includes three parts: water delivery project, water lift project and regulation and storage project. 168 water delivery lines are arranged with a total length of 1769.052 kilometers; 50 pumping stations are set up; and 1 new regulation and storage reservoir is built. The total investment of the project is 32.909 billion yuan, and the total construction period is 59 months.

The relevant person in charge of Yunnan Provincial Water Resources said that in the next step, they will resolutely implement the decisions and deployments of the Ministry of Water Resources, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and further urge and guide the Central Yunnan Water Diversion Construction Management Bureau to strictly implement the basic construction procedures and strengthen project construction management. Strictly control construction standards, scale and investment, ensure that the second phase of the Central Yunnan Water Diversion Project and the first phase of the project are implemented simultaneously, completed simultaneously, and achieve benefits simultaneously, comprehensively alleviate the engineering water shortage in the central Yunnan area, and improve the water ecology and water quality of the plateau lakes. environment, build the aorta of Yunnan's modern three-dimensional plateau water network system, and contribute to the high-quality development of water conservancy in Yunnan Province. Editor/He Yuting