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Guangxi Multi-energy Complementary Energy Storage Power Station Project Bidding

Seetao 2022-08-09 10:47
  • The total energy storage capacity of the project in this tender is 626MW/1252MWh
  • The planned start date of this project is September 10, 2022, and the planned construction period is 4 months
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On August 6, 2022, China Energy Construction released the bidding announcement for the EPC general contracting project of Guangxi Guigang Multi-energy Complementary New Energy Power Generation North 1, North 2 and South Districts and Chongzuo City, Chongzuo City, integrated wind and solar energy storage, and Zhongyuan centralized energy storage station EPC general contracting project . The total energy storage capacity is 626MW/1252MWh. This bidding requires bidders to have at least the performance of photovoltaic power generation EPC general contracting projects with a cumulative scale of 200MW and above in the past 5 years, and to provide corresponding performance certification documents.

Project Overview

Project location: Qintang District, Guigang City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Chongzuo City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Project scale: The project is divided into 5 tenders, and the project overview of each tender is as follows

According to the preliminary planning of the system, the 2000MW multi-energy complementary new energy power generation project in Qintang District, Guigang, Guangxi, and the 2000MW wind-solar-storage integration project in Chongzuo, Guangxi, China will build 5 energy storage stations, which will be divided into 5 bidding sections. Tender. Supporting centralized energy storage power stations will be built next to the photovoltaic collection station in North 1 District, North District 2 photovoltaic collection station, South District photovoltaic collection station, Banchong photovoltaic collection station, and Zhongyuan photovoltaic collection station, where new energy is relatively concentrated. Among them, the energy storage power station next to the photovoltaic collection station in the North 1 area has a scale of 144MW/288MWh, the energy storage power station next to the photovoltaic collection station in the North Area 2 has a scale of 88.5MW/177MWh, and the energy storage station next to the photovoltaic collection station in the southern area has a scale of 78.5MW/157MWh. The scale of the energy storage power station next to the photovoltaic collection station is 200MW/400MWh, and the scale of the energy storage power station next to the Zhongyuan PV collection station is 115MW/230MWh. In the end, the review opinions of the access system shall prevail. The energy storage power station and the photovoltaic collection station are built synchronously, and the energy storage system equipment can be put into construction in batches and connected to the grid synchronously with the new energy power generation project.

Planned start date: September 10, 2022, and grid-connected power generation date for all units: December 30, 2022. Planned construction period: 4 months, total construction period days: 111 days, if the total construction period calendar days are inconsistent with the construction period days calculated based on the aforementioned planned dates, the construction period total calendar days shall prevail.

General contracting project

Including survey and design of energy storage station, equipment procurement and supply, relocation of ground attachments, civil construction and installation construction, commissioning test and inspection, safe and stable operation of the whole station and full capacity grid connection for 240 hours of trial operation, elimination of deficiencies, performance test, complete set All work involved in the assessment and acceptance of system performance assurance, power station performance test report, technology and after-sales service, personnel training, completion acceptance and national acceptance. At the same time, it also includes all materials, spare parts, special tools, commissioning consumables and the provision of related technical data, etc., and assists the tenderee to apply for the start-up permit, planning permit, land use permit, real estate permit, grid-connected scheduling agreement, purchase and sale of electricity Contracts, land acquisition, land lease, etc., and coordination with local governments. The construction of this project should meet the needs of digital operation and maintenance. Editor/Zhao E