CRCC Li Chuanying: Make every level of tunnel safety

Seetao 2022-08-10 14:31
  • On every hot construction site, Li Chuanying has written the word "responsibility" with practical actions
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Li Chuanying, an outstanding party worker in China, is currently the safety director of the China Railway 14th Bureau Tunnel Company.

Li Chuanying has been in the industry for more than 20 years. Whether it is a tunnel project such as a national key highway or railway, or a subway project, he has thoroughly controlled every construction detail. When encountering any difficulties, he will study new construction techniques, explore safe construction methods, and avoid safety accidents.

Li Chuanying said: "For so many years, I have done many national key projects. Whenever I pass by these projects, I can't help but take a look. As a member of the infrastructure industry, I am very proud. I hope to have more Many young people love this job, do every project well, and make greater contributions to the construction of the country..."Editor/Ma Xue