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Invest 7 billion! 5 major projects in Jiangsu won the bid

Seetao 2022-08-10 15:27
  • Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base Public Works Island Project adopts IGCC technology route
  • The total land for the construction project of the North Jiangsu Health Management Center of Zhongshan Hospital is 14.47 hectares, and the bidding price is 927 million yuan
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Recently, I learned from the Jiangsu Public Resources Trading Platform that five major projects in Jiangsu Province have successively won bids, with a total project investment of about 7 billion yuan.

Tianyin Zhizao Valley workshop and supporting projects

The total construction area of this project is about 245,406.38 square meters, and the construction area of high-standard workshops is about 172,476.3 square meters; of which the above-ground construction area is about 196,870.23 square meters, the underground construction area is about 48,536.16 square meters, the civil air defense construction area is 3,968 square meters, and the above-ground buildings have 9 floors. , the number of underground buildings is 1 storey. The largest single building area is about 31,928.75 square meters, and the building height is 34.9 meters. Among them, A1#-A2#, B1#-B3#, F# high-standard workshops, E# dormitory building are built with three-board method, D# comprehensive service building is built with prefabricated technology, and the single prefabricated assembly rate is not less than 45%.

The first bidder for this project: China Railway Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yuhe Construction Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Far-reaching Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd., with a total bid price of 1.48 billion yuan.

Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base Project

The first phase of the public works island project of the Lianyungang Petrochemical Industry Base adopts the IGCC technical route. The project consists of 3 sets of 2000t/d grade pulverized coal gasifiers and supporting purification and desulfurization units, 2 sets of 70,000 Nm3/h air separation units, and 1 set E-class Gas turbine and its supporting public and auxiliary facilities, two 410t/h gas-fired boilers, one 440t/h coal-fired boiler and two 440t/h standby coal-fired boilers and public and auxiliary systems; Centralized supply of various industrial gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.

The first bidder for this project: China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd., with a bid price of 2.25 billion yuan.

Zhongshan Hospital Health Management Center Housing Construction Project

The housing construction project of the North Jiangsu Health Management Center of Zhongshan Hospital makes full use of the existing 12 existing buildings on the Maker Park plot, and reasonably transforms them into housing suitable for hospital functions. The total number of beds in the Maker Park plot after the renovation is not less than 680. On the basis of the original Maker Park of 7.56 hectares, the project land will be expanded westward and northward by 6.91 hectares, with a total land area of 14.47 hectares. On the newly expanded construction site, the newly added above-ground construction area is about 60,000 m2, and the underground construction area is about 8,400 m2. The scope of the first phase of the project includes: about 121,500 m2 after the expansion of the original building, and a new construction of about 30,000 m2 including the outpatient building, emergency department, fever clinic, power supply switch station, garbage room and sewage treatment station. The scope of the second phase of the project includes: new expert apartments, 1,500 square meters of academician workstations, 3,000 square meters of staff canteen kitchen, 1,000 square meters of staff activity center, and supporting parking garages of about 30,000 square meters.

The design scope of this tender includes the above-mentioned first and second phases, excluding the reserved 1.82 hectares of land for the construction of long-term logistics facilities, but this 1.82 hectares need to be included in the 6.91 hectares of newly expanded total land for general plan planning and land use technology Based on the overall planning of economic indicators, this 1.82-hectare land does not need to provide a single building design scheme.

The first winning candidate for this project: China Construction First Bureau Co., Ltd., with a bid price of 927 million yuan.

Haifu Orientation Plant Project in Pizhou Economic and Technological Development Zone

The total construction area of the Haifu directional plant construction project in Pizhou Economic Development Zone is about 339,363 square meters. Engineering scheme design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, material procurement, construction, all supporting facilities until completion acceptance and overall handover of Haifu directional plant construction project in Pizhou Economic Development Zone, defect repair and warranty within the project warranty period, Complete and cooperate with the developer to handle construction application, approval, drawing approval, settlement audit of relevant departments and other projects. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction information, engineering facilities

The winning bidder for this project: China Railway 11th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., with a bid price of 1.23 billion yuan.

Taizhou Rapid Transformation Project

The total length of the rapid reconstruction project of the northern section of Dongfeng Road in Taizhou City is about 7,930 meters, of which the main line viaduct is about 4,112 meters long, and the main line tunnel is about 2,080 meters long. , Greening and environmental protection, landscape lighting and other projects.

The winning bidder of this project: China Power Construction Road and Bridge Group Co., Ltd. won the bid price of 1.128 billion yuan.Editor/Zhao E