The largest reconstruction of Shandong-Jinan railway hub has been completed

Seetao 2022-08-10 16:10
  • Jinan Railway Hub Signal Control System Completes Refurbishment and Upgrade
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At 3:30 a.m. on August 9, 2022, after 330 minutes of construction of the railway I-level major points, the Jinan railway hub Daminghu Station, Huangtai Station, Jinan East Station and the surrounding 16 stations (stations) signal interlocking reconstruction construction Done successfully.

The construction is mainly concentrated in Daminghu Station, Huangtai Station, and Jinan East Station, involving the reconstruction of 5 railway signal equipment including Jizheng High-speed Railway, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Jiqing High-speed Railway, 4 new signal buildings, and various wiring modifications. 6512, synchronously replace the LKJ (train operation control recording device) data of 635 locomotives and 51 EMUs, and realize the compatibility and intercommunication of signal interlocking, train control, CTC and other system data of 16 stations and debugging of communication equipment Task.

The construction of the major points of the I-level railway involves many stations, a wide range of influence and a large scale of reconstruction. Nearly 2,000 operators in telecommunication, public works, power supply, etc. are engaged in multi-line simultaneous operations. Daming Lake Station alone disassembles and assembles 10 sets of turnouts, cuts and reverses 73 cables, dismantles and modifies 2,416 wirings, and involves four-line and eight-direction signal equipment connection. Lock test to ensure the successful completion of the replacement and upgrade of the signal control system.Editor/Ma Xue