The construction of the main tower of Changtai Bridge has entered a new stage

Seetao 2022-08-11 15:30
  • The steel bar section of the hoisting part is a regular octagon, and the total weight of the steel bar and the rigid frame is 65 tons
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Recently, the steel bars of the central column parts of the north main tower of the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge were successfully hoisted as a whole and the docking was successfully implemented. In this hoisting, the world's first 10,000-ton-meter tower crane is used to hoist the steel bars of the parts to the middle tower column area as a whole to achieve rapid positioning, and use tapered sleeves to lock the steel bar joints for inter-segment connection.

The main channel bridge of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge has a main span of 1176 meters and a total design height of the main tower of 352 meters. It is currently the tallest bridge tower under construction in the world. The central tower column (currently under construction) has a large number of tower limbs, a large space inclination angle, and a tight construction period, which poses a huge challenge to the quality and efficiency of steel reinforcement construction. The project has innovatively developed the intelligent construction technology of steel bars for parts, converting a large number of high-altitude operations such as steel bar binding, steel bar welding, pad installation, and embedded parts installation to ground operations, reducing the number of high-altitude operators by more than 60%.

Up to now, the north and south cable towers of the main channel bridge of Changtai Yangtze River Bridge have completed the construction of the caisson foundation and the lower tower, and the concrete pouring of the middle tower is being carried out. The substructure construction of the dedicated channel bridge and the non-navigable hole bridge has been completed, and the upper structure steel truss girders are being erected. Approach bridges and ordinary road connections in the highway-railway joint construction section are all transferred to the superstructure construction, and segment girder erection and cast-in-place girder construction are in progress.Editor/Ma Xue


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