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CCCC Northwest Investment Co., Ltd. was relocated and unveiled

Seetao 2022-08-12 09:55
  • The relocation and unveiling provide strong support and good service for CCCC Investment's market development work
  • CCCC Northwest Investment Co., Ltd. will strive to build a three-type first-class enterprise with global competitiveness under the leadership of the Group and CCCC Investment.
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On August 11, 2022, CCCC Northwest Investment Co., Ltd. held a housewarming and unveiling event in Xi'an. Wang Chaojiang, General Manager of Northwest Regional Headquarters, and Gao Likang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee, participated in the event.

In his speech at the event, Wang Chaojiang, on behalf of the Northwest Regional Headquarters, extended his warm congratulations to CCCC Northwest Investment Company for its relocation and official unveiling. He pointed out that the Northwest Regional Headquarters will continue to play the role of market coordination and support services, and provide strong support and good services for CCCC Investment's market development work, including the operation and development of CCCC Northwest Investment Company. He hoped that CCCC Northwest Investment Co., Ltd. would make full use of its advantages as an investment platform and strive to become a leader in the investment platform of central enterprises in the region. Three-type first-class enterprises make new contributions.

Cai Fengxiang, Chairman and General Manager of CCCC Investment Company, Li Wei, Deputy General Manager of CCCC Investment Company and General Manager of Northwest Investment Company delivered speeches respectively.

At the end of 2021, according to the overall deployment of the reform of CCCC's regional headquarters, regional branches, and regional investment companies, CCCC Northwest Investment Company will be decoupled from the Northwest Regional Headquarters, and will be placed under CCCC Investment Management as a whole. The Northwest Regional Headquarters actively implemented the reform measures, and promptly carried out personnel adjustment, business connection, division and transfer of financial assets and other related work in accordance with the requirements of the Group's reform plan to ensure the smooth progress of the reform work.

Members of the leadership team and department heads of CCCC Northwest Regional Headquarters participated in the event.Editor/Zhao E


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