The girls in the inspection area of ​​the Xianyang line workshop are hard enough

Seetao 2022-08-12 16:34
  • They walked between the lines in yellow work clothes, dealing with rails, sleepers and switches
  • These yellow roses guard the safety and smoothness of the railway with the meticulousness and earnestness unique to female workers
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No. 1, the inspection work area is on the road at a distance of 1077 kilometers and 300 meters on the Longhai Line! On August 6, 2022, the scorching sun in Guanzhong, Shaanxi Province. With the sound of checking the operation plan coming from the walkie-talkie, Tian Zhijin, the foreman of the inspection area of the Xianyang Line Workshop of Xi'an Construction Section of China Railway Xi'an Bureau Group Co., Ltd., led everyone to start the day's work.

Xianyang Line Workshop Inspection Work Area

The employees in the inspection area of the Xianyang line workshop are all post-90s girls, like yellow roses, full of youthful breath. The work area where they are located has successively won many honors such as Duan Women Civilization Post and Advanced Female Worker Collective.

The Longhai Line is a busy trunk line. Entering the Summer Games, the Xi'an Bureau Group Company has opened a number of trains. The "yellow roses" in the inspection area, as "rail doctors", inspect the lines every day, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and escort the safety of passengers.

Worker Yang Yan bent down and put the ruler on the rails. Holding the ruler, she was calm and skillfully reported the inspection data. According to the inspection requirements, they need to bend over to check the geometric dimensions of the line every three sleepers. After a day, they need to repeat the bending action thousands of times.

In dog days, the maximum temperature of the rails exceeds 70°C, not to mention bending and leaning back and forth, even standing in the heat wave next to the line and sweating for a while, but the "yellow roses" are not afraid.

Line inspections are also meticulous work. They walk more than 10 kilometers a day, inspecting tens of thousands of sleepers and more than 30 sets of turnouts. They not only look at the lines and rails, but also look at the displacement observation piles, kilometer markers and other ancillary equipment, never letting go of any hidden dangers.

"Little Li, take a closer look at the level of this line." Walking to the key section of the line to prevent inflation, the foreman told Li Shuang.

Li Shuang immediately leaned over the rails, and the bright top surface of the rails reflected dazzling white light and heat waves, extending to the end of the line of sight. Sweat flowed non-stop, she picked up the square towel that had been prepared, wiped her forehead, and continued to check.

Long-sleeved overalls, sun protection sleeves, protective hats... Although all kinds of protective measures are available, the high temperature is still scorching them. "As soon as you get on the line and hold a ruler in your hand, you will immediately enter the fighting state, and you will forget about sun protection." The girls who love beauty smile embarrassedly when they find that there are obvious "black and white" skin color transitions near each other's eye sockets and the back of their hands.

Taking advantage of the time to avoid the car on the next road, a girl turned the water bottle she was slung to in front of her and took a few sips. "With such a 1100ml bottle, each of us can drink 3 bottles a day," she said.

"The Z274 train has passed the construction site and is ready to go to work." As the train full of passengers whizzed past, the yellow roses continued to move forward in the face of the sweltering heat. Editor/He Yuting