2022 Ordos Zero Carbon Industry Summit Held

Seetao 2022-08-13 10:51
  • The 2022 Ordos Zero Carbon Industry Summit is themed on new energy, new industries and new ecology
  • In the fourth industrial revolution, renewable energy is becoming a more competitive, greener and more sustainable energy form after coal and oil.
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On August 9, 2022, the "Ordos Zero Carbon Industry Summit", guided by the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, hosted by the Ordos Municipal Government, and co-organized by Envision Technology Group, was grandly held.

The theme of the summit was "New Energy, New Industry, New Ecology". Wang Lixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and Chairman of the Autonomous Region, Chang Qide, Coordinator of the United Nations in China, Luo Liang, French Ambassador to China, and Adair Teeter, Chairman of the Energy Transition Committee Lord Na, the global executive partner of Sequoia Capital, the founding and executive partner of Sequoia China, Shen Nanpeng, and the president of LONGi Green Energy, Li Zhenguo, and other important guests from all walks of life delivered speeches or speeches for the summit.

On behalf of the party committee and government of the autonomous region, Wang Lixia extended warm congratulations on the convening of the summit. She said in her speech that Inner Mongolia will firmly grasp the key window period of the "14th Five-Year Plan" carbon peaking strategy, vigorously develop green and low-carbon industries, vigorously promote the joint development of new energy industry and other industries, and vigorously promote the reform of energy development quality, Efficiency changes and power changes, build a national modern energy economy demonstration zone, build Inner Mongolia into a new highland for the development of the entire new energy industry chain, and use green development to dress up the industrial plateau. Zhang Shaochun, vice-chairman of the autonomous region, attended the summit.

After the summit, Wang Lixia also came to Vision Erdos Zero-Carbon Industrial Park to conduct in-depth research. Zhang Lei, CEO of Envision Technology Group, delivered a keynote speech on "Opening the Green Industrial Revolution" at the summit. He said that the green industrial revolution will become the fourth industrial revolution. Unlike the previous industrial revolutions that focus on efficiency, the green industrial revolution is a The unified realization of production efficiency and sustainable development. Renewable energy technology, digital intelligence, and biosynthesis technology, as the three key productive forces, promote the green industrial revolution through mutual integration. The zero-carbon industrial park will become the cradle, platform and cornerstone of the green industrial revolution.

Zhang Lei believes that whether it is coal in the first industrial revolution or oil in the second industrial revolution, different forms of energy use have brought unprecedented changes to human society. The main force of the third industrial revolution is information technology, which is a tool that human beings have discovered that can greatly improve production efficiency in addition to energy.

Zhang Lei further pointed out that this green industrial revolution is not limited to the energy field. Under the fourth industrial revolution, wind power, photovoltaics, energy storage, power batteries, and electric vehicles will build a grand fusion and intersection system. Only by empowering the new industrial system and combining with the information and Internet of Things technology in the third industrial revolution, especially artificial intelligence technology, can this system make the renewable energy system more green, efficient and stable, and can effectively promote green The Industrial Revolution moves forward.

Zhang Lei believes that, unlike the previous three industrial revolutions, the fourth industrial revolution is a green industrial revolution. In addition to production efficiency, it is also necessary to consider the sustainable development of human beings and the earth. The most critical element of the first three industrial revolutions is production efficiency. Behind the efficiency is rapid and disorderly expansion. The final result is that the sustainable development of human beings and nature is facing unprecedented challenges. Including the rise of the earth's temperature, the rise of sea level, and the decline of biodiversity, this prompts us to reconsider how to make human beings move towards a sustainable development path more efficiently. Therefore, the fourth industrial revolution must be the fusion of production efficiency and sustainable development.

Finally, Zhang Lei pointed out that the green industrial revolution does not happen randomly or at a single point. It must need a cradle, platform and cornerstone to integrate these elements together. The zero-carbon industrial park is such a cradle, platform and cornerstone. It effectively integrates the three key productive forces of renewable energy technology, digital intelligence and biosynthesis technology, and becomes the pioneer and explorer of the green industrial revolution.

In the future, the mission of the vision is to make the zero-carbon industrial park, the original product and original standard of China, to go global, and to become an important promoter of the green industrial revolution with more partners. By 2030, Envision will work with partners to build 100 zero-carbon industrial parks and achieve a global carbon emission reduction of 1 billion tons per year.Editor/XingWentao


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