Inner Mongolia Tongliao 14th Five-Year Energy Plan released

Seetao 2022-08-15 10:17
  • The construction of large-scale wind power photovoltaic bases has accelerated the new energy industry in Inner Mongolia
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Inner Mongolia Tongliao City Energy Bureau issued the "Tongliao City "14th Five-Year Plan" Energy Plan, which pointed out that the installed power capacity during the 14th Five-Year Plan period will reach 31.7 million kilowatts; the city's new power demand will be dominated by new energy power generation, and the scale of new energy installed capacity will reach 31.7 million kilowatts. 20.09 million kWh or more, the proportion of new energy installed capacity reached 63.4%, the power generation accounted for more than 45%, and the renewable energy power consumption accounted for 30%; the energy efficiency was improved, and the city’s coal-fired power generation units strive to complete the flexibility transformation of 3 million kilowatts, increase the system regulation capacity by 600,000-800,000 kilowatts.

Develop the wind-solar hydrogen storage industry and accelerate the cultivation of industrial clusters

Photovoltaic industry cluster. Relying on silica sand resources, speed up the introduction of photovoltaic glass projects, and strive to increase production capacity by more than 15 million square meters. Focus on the development of high-efficiency photovoltaic cell modules and high-efficiency cells, and strive to achieve a production capacity of 1.5 million kilowatts of cell modules and an additional production capacity of 1.5 million kilowatts of high-efficiency cells. Cultivate the photovoltaic EVA film project, and increase the production capacity by more than 20 million square meters. The photovoltaic backplane project was introduced, and the new production capacity was over 10 million square meters. Develop high-efficiency photovoltaic power generation grid-connected inverters, introduce megawatt-level inverse AC system projects, and strive to increase production capacity by 1 million kilowatts. Construction of photovoltaic aluminum frame project, new production capacity of 100,000 tons. Construction of photovoltaic silver paste project, new production capacity of 10,000 tons.

Wind energy industry cluster. With the advantages of wind and wind resources in Tongliao City and surrounding areas, give full play to the traction role of resource development, and support Horqin District to build a wind power equipment manufacturing base. Focus on the development of large-scale wind turbines with high parameters, high reliability, low cost of electricity, and intelligence above 5MW, and strive to achieve a production capacity of more than 1,500 sets of generators and gearboxes; increase the production capacity of more than 800 sets of blades above 80 meters, and add new towers The production capacity of cylinders is more than 200,000 tons, more than 2,000 sets of new control systems, and more than 3,000 sets of new bearings.

Cultivate energy storage industry clusters. Combined with the development and construction of new energy, focus on the development of large-capacity, high-capacity-density, long-life energy storage batteries, with a battery capacity of more than 280Ah, a capacity density of more than 351Wh/L, and a system cycle of more than 6,000 times, striving to add energy storage. The equipment capacity is 1.5 million kilowatts. Accelerate the research and development and industrialization of flow battery technology with high safety performance, develop zero-defect cell production quality management technology, develop cell-level, rack-level, and system-level energy storage software and hardware safety protection control systems, and strive to break through the high-end energy storage system. Performance insulation material technology, explosion-proof technology, fire protection technology.Editor/XingWentao