Shandong new energy base plan released! Photovoltaic 40.5GW, wind power 3.5GW

Seetao 2022-08-15 16:31
  • By 2030, qualified wind and scenery projects can be built, combined, and developed
  • In 2022, the development and construction of Lubei Base will be comprehensively promoted, and an investment of about 15 billion yuan will be completed
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The new energy industry is developing rapidly in the context of promoting the realization of the dual carbon goals. In order to implement the strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the country to accelerate the construction of large-scale wind power photovoltaic bases, high-standard and large-scale promotion is carried out in Binzhou and Dongying. , Weifang and other cities with the saline-alkali tidal flats as the focus, the integration base of wind-light storage and transportation in the northern Shandong saline-alkali tidal flats.

According to the draft for comments on the planning and construction plan of the integrated base for wind-solar storage and transportation in the saline-alkali tidal flats in northern Shandong, the base in northern Shandong covers an area of 825 square kilometers and has a planned installed capacity of 44 million kilowatts, including 40.5 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation and 3.5 million kilowatts of wind power. According to the basic situation of the planned projects of the Lubei Base, the project has planned a total installed capacity of 18.48 million kilowatts in Binzhou, including 15.8 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power and 2.68 million kilowatts of wind power; 10.12 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power is planned in Dongying; energy, including 14.58 million kilowatts of photovoltaics and 820,000 kilowatts of wind power.

The project requires that the development and construction of the Lubei Base will be fully promoted in 2022, the construction of more than 5 million kilowatts will be started, about 3 million kilowatts will be built and connected to the grid, and the investment will be about 15 billion yuan, forming a development model of concentrated contiguousness and synergy of elements.

By 2025, a total of about 20 million kilowatts of construction will be started, about 15 million kilowatts will be built and connected to the grid, and an investment of about 75 billion yuan will be completed. The large-scale development of the base will achieve remarkable results, and the pace of regional green and low-carbon transformation will be accelerated in an all-round way.

By 2030, the qualified wind and scenery projects will "build as much as possible, combine as much as possible, and develop as much as possible", and build the Lubei Base into a national-level large-scale clean energy base, a new energy agglomeration center in Shandong Province, and a power output center.

It mainly includes 5 key tasks

Priority is given to promoting the integrated development of "scenery and scenery". Adhere to "intensive development, multi-energy complementarity, and efficient utilization", give priority to the development and construction of "wind-solar co-location" projects with high land use efficiency and stable power generation output, allocate flexible resources to adjust resources, realize the integrated operation of multi-energy complementarity, and reduce the impact on the power grid. adjustment needs. In 2022, 7 new projects with a scale of more than 5 million kilowatts will be started, and about 3 million kilowatts will be connected to the grid. By 2025, all qualified "scenery and scenery" projects will start construction, with a cumulative construction start of about 20 million kilowatts and about 15 million kilowatts connected to the grid.

"Establishing both storage and loss" strengthens the building of consumption capacity. Consider reducing the pressure of large-scale new energy centralized grid connection, vigorously develop high-proportion energy storage, plan and build new energy power output channels, and improve the stable transmission capacity and safety guarantee capacity of the power system. Give full play to the advantages of large-scale development costs and increase the proportion of energy storage allocation. Wind and solar projects and ordinary photovoltaic projects are equipped with energy storage facilities according to the standard of 20%, 2 hours and 30%, 2 hours respectively, and encourage the co-construction and sharing of large-scale centralized energy storage. In 2022, 600,000 kilowatts of energy storage facilities will be built; by 2025, it will reach about 3,000,000 kilowatts. Overall planning and construction of power transmission projects. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, new 500 kV Binzhou Highland Station, Yinhai Station, Dongying Bohai Station, Weifang Yuyan Station and other projects will be built.

Actively promote the "comprehensive wisdom" park pilot. In 2022, the construction of the integrated source-grid-load-storage project of Lubei Comprehensive Smart Industrial Park (450,000 kilowatts of photovoltaic power generation, 50,000 kilowatts of wind power, 140,000 kilowatts/280,000 kilowatts of energy storage, and 80,000 kilowatts of gas turbines), Binhua The Group's Beihai Huaxin Materials Source, Network, Load and Storage Integration Project (100,000 kW of photovoltaic power generation, 160,000 kW of wind power, 76,000 kW of energy storage/152,000 kWh), Shandong Haihua Group Soda Ash Plant Source, Network, Load and Storage Integration Project ( Photovoltaic power generation of 60,000 kilowatts, wind power of 50,000 kilowatts, and energy storage of 20,000 kilowatts/40,000 kilowatt-hours), and strive to be completed and connected to the grid that year.

Comprehensively improve the development level of "industrial integration". Taking the development and construction of the base in northern Shandong as an opportunity, vigorously develop the local and surrounding new energy equipment industry, and promote the development of local and nearby facilities and integration and aggregation. Photovoltaic equipment industry: Jinan Linuo, Sanqi Energy, Zibo Tenghui, Dongying Taipu, Binzhou Field Electric, Shandong Reed, etc. Wind power equipment industry: Jinan Jinlei Technology, Siemens Transformer, CRRC Wind Power, Ilite Energy, Dezhou Double One Technology, Grid, Tongyu Heavy Industry, Century Weineng, Binzhou Guochuang Wind Energy, Dongying CRRC Motor, Weifang Haomai Machinery, etc. . Energy storage equipment industry: Jinan Shandong Electric, Yien New Power, Zibo Kaisheng New Materials, Huaxia Shenzhou, etc.

Explore the creation of "eco-friendly" demonstration models. In 2022, construct the Weifang Shouguang Guantaiyingzi Saline-Alkali Land Ecological Treatment Pilot Project, with a treatment area of 1 hectare. From 2023 to 2025, build a pilot project of saline-alkali land ecological management in Binzhou Haiphong Office, with a treatment area of 4 hectares; Dongying Kenli saline-alkali land ecological management pilot project, with a treatment area of 2 hectares. Editor / Xu Shengpeng