Power inspectors are fighting the world

Seetao 2022-08-16 09:14
  • Liangshan Prefecture is rich in electric power resources, and the inspection class must conduct periodic inspections
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Recently, the operation and inspection team of the Xichang Operation and Maintenance Branch of the State Grid Sichuan Ultra-high Voltage Company went deep into the unmanned area of Yinchang Township, Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture to inspect the Xijin Third Line transmission line. This line is a supporting engineering line for the UHV Jinsu Line of the National West-East Power Transmission Artery.

"Patrol inspection in an uninhabited area lasts for several days, which is more like a field survival challenge." Jiang Jie, the squad leader of the sixth shift of power transmission inspection, said. Whenever the line patrolmen climbed to the top of the mountain with difficulty to complete the line maintenance, they could only set up tents and clothes and sleep by the iron tower, and the food was only instant noodles or self-heating rice. In addition to facing the harsh living environment and complex and changeable weather, workers must also beware of the invasion of wild animals such as poisonous insects, pythons and even black bears.

The Jinping Hydropower Station with a total installed capacity of 8.4 million kilowatts converts the turbulent water of the Yalong River into clean electricity, which is sent to the Xichang Jinping Converter Station through seven 500kV UHV lines, and then sent to the Jinsu Line through the 800kV UHV line. Suzhou Tongli Converter Station, 2059 kilometers away. With such a group of line workers who are not afraid of hardships and fight to ensure power supply, they have provided a stable guarantee for production and living in East China, and let the clean energy of the Yalong River help reduce carbon emissions thousands of miles away.Editor/Ma Xue