The project in front of the railway station from Harbin to Tieli starts to bid

Seetao 2022-08-16 11:29
  • The length of the new line in this project is 188.057km, and there are 6 stations on the whole line
  • The design speed of the project is 250km/h, and the total investment of the project is 22.341 billion yuan
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On August 15, 2022, the Beijing Construction Engineering Information Network released the pre-qualification pre-examination of the construction total price contracting of the new Harbin-Tieli railway station front project HTZQSG-1~HTZQSG-5 bidding section, the industry railway, bidding Renlongjiang Railway Co., Ltd., with a total investment of 22.341 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The newly built Harbin-Tieli Railway is located in the central part of Heilongjiang Province, and runs from southwest to northeast as a whole. The line starts from Harbin City, passes through Songbei District, Hulan District, Xinglong Town in Bayan County, Suihua City, Qing'an County, and finally ends in Tieli City . The length of the new line is 188.057km, of which: the total length of the roadbed is 54.5km, accounting for 28.98% of the total length of the line; there are 32 bridges with a length of 133.557km, accounting for 71.02% of the total length of the line. The whole line has 6 stations in Harbin North, Hulan North, Xinglong Town West, Suihua South, Qing'an South and Tieli. Among them, Harbin North is the rail connection station, Tieli is the rail connection station under construction, and the others are newly built stations. The railway grade is high-speed railway, the number of main lines is two lines, the design speed is 250km/h, the line spacing is 4.6m, the minimum curve radius is 3500m in general, 3000m in difficulty, the maximum gradient is 20‰, and the effective length of the arrival and departure line is 650m. The train operation control mode is automatic control, the dispatch command mode is dispatch centralized, and the minimum running interval is 5min.

Tender division

This tender is divided into 5 tenders, the tender number: HTZQSG-1, HTZQSG-2, HTZQSG-3, HTZQSG-4, HTZQSG-5.

The number of HTZQSG-1 projects is: the total length of the new main line is 41.767 main line kilometers, the roadbed is 1.18 kilometers, 2 bridges, 37.587 kilometers, 2 frame bridges, 574.72 square meters, 12 culverts, 253.68 horizontal meters, 1 station, 1 box girder storage yard, mileage/scope: New Harbin-Tieli Railway DK0+000~DK42+391.07, Harbin hub related projects.

The number of HTZQSG-2 projects is: the total length of the new main line is 22.109 kilometers, the roadbed is 6.985 kilometers, 2 bridges, 15.123 kilometers, 4 frame bridges, 789.71 square meters, 8 culverts, 169.9 horizontal meters, 373.75 main line track laying Track laying kilometers, station line track laying 15.28 track laying kilometers, ballast laying 1.0649 million square meters, 72 sets of turnouts, 1 box girder beam storage yard, 1 track laying base, mileage/range: New Harbin-Tieli Railway DK42+391.07~DK64+500 .

The number of HTZQSG-3 projects is: the total length of the new main line is 39.55 kilometers, the roadbed is 15.914 kilometers, 8 bridges, 23.636 kilometers, 17 frame bridges, 6084.65 square meters, 19 culverts, 512.79 horizontal meters, 2 stations, 1 box girder storage yard, mileage/scope: newly built Harbin-Tieli Railway DK64+500~DK104+050.21.

The number of HTZQSG-4 projects is: the total length of the new main line is 40.506 main line kilometers, the roadbed is 24.808 kilometers, 19 bridges, 15.698 kilometers, 10 frame bridges, 2514.03 square meters, 28 culverts, 720.98 horizontal meters, box girder storage beam field 2 seats, mileage/range: newly built Harbin-Tieli Railway DK104+050.21~DK144+550.84.

The number of HTZQSG-5 projects is: the new main line has a total length of 44.125 main line kilometers, the roadbed is 2.612 kilometers, 2 bridges, 41.513 kilometers, 1 frame bridge, 189.5 square meters, 1 station, 2 box girder storage girder yards, mileage / Scope: New Harbin-Tieli Railway DK144+550.84~DK191+261.049. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering news, engineering construction

Planned construction period: 1461 calendar days, the planned start date is November 1, 2022, and the planned completion date is October 31, 2026.

Obtaining tender documents

Applicants are requested to log in to the Beijing Engineering Construction Public Resources Trading Platform to download the electronic prequalification documents from 09:00 on August 16, 2022 to 16:00 on August 22, 2022. Deadline for submitting documents: 10:30 on August 30, 2022.Editor/Zhao E