Xiamen Urban Rail Transit Planning Draft Announcement

Seetao 2022-08-16 11:31
  • Xiamen's long-term 2035 urban rail transit planning network consists of 12 lines
  • On the basis of the long-term line network, 5 track control lines are added to the long-term planning line network, and the scale is increased by about 79 kilometers
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In order to promote the construction of a "high-quality, high-value, modern and international city" and promote the integrated development of the island and the outside The "Xiamen Urban Rail Transit Network Planning (2020-2035)" (draft) has been compiled by the organization and the unit, which is now publicized in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.


Planning results      

Line network planning mainly studies the level and structure of urban rail line network, and proposes line network passenger flow control corridors in combination with factors such as urban space layout, passenger flow distribution, technical requirements, project investment and implementation conditions. Rail transit is positioned as the backbone of urban public transportation, and a multi-level public transportation system is constructed with conventional and other public transportation.

Xiamen's long-term urban rail transit planning network in 2035 consists of 12 lines with a total scale of about 493 kilometers. Among them, 7 ordinary lines, including Line 1, Line 2, Line 3, Line 6, Line 7, Line 10, and Line 11, are about 297 kilometers; 4 express lines, including Line 4, Line 5 Line, Line 8, Line 9, about 186 kilometers; 1 track control line, about 10 kilometers. The long-term planning line network adds 5 track control lines on the basis of the long-term line network, increasing the scale by about 79 kilometers, and the total line network size is about 572 kilometers. Editor / Xu Shengpeng