Xinjiang Kuqa green hydrogen project to produce hydrogen by the end of the year

Seetao 2022-08-16 14:24
  • Xinjiang Kuqa Green Hydrogen Demonstration Project is the largest green hydrogen project currently under construction in the world
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Recently, at the construction site of the Kuqa photovoltaic green hydrogen project in Xinjiang, the entire photovoltaic project covers an area of more than 9,500 acres, equivalent to the size of more than 900 football fields. The entire project is currently under construction. A photovoltaic panel here can produce 1 kilogram of hydrogen for every 58 kWh of green electricity.

In the process of hydrogen production, green electricity is transported to the hydrogen production workshop, and hydrogen is obtained by alkaline water electrolysis. All the hydrogen produced will be transported to the Tahe Refinery Company near the project for production in the refining unit, replacing the original hydrogen. The production of hydrogen from natural gas can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 500,000 tons per year.

Cao Jie, deputy general manager of Sinopec Tahe Refining and Chemical Company, said that Xinjiang is particularly rich in photovoltaic resources, so it is very suitable to explore new energy solutions for hydrogen here.

Ling Yiqun, deputy general manager of Sinopec Group Corporation: We expect that the entire petrochemical industry will be replaced by green hydrogen through green electricity in the future, and the future industry scale will be at least 100 billion.Editor/Ma Xue