Taikaiying supports China's localized 200-ton giant smart mining truck

Seetao 2022-08-24 18:16
  • The maximum load of EM200 is 140 tons, and its low failure rate, high operating rate and long service life must also be guaranteed
  • ETOH has obvious advantages in heat dissipation performance, effectively reducing the problem of early failure
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The day before yesterday, after completing the last round of factory testing, the first domestically produced 200-ton giant smart mining truck EM200 equipped with Taikaiying's special tires for mining trucks went to Ordos overnight to start the mining area transportation service and carry out further industrial testing.

The maximum load of EM200 is 140 tons, which is twice the load capacity of the current mainstream wide-body mining trucks. The mining areas it works in often need to deal with working conditions such as roads with many slopes and many gravels. In this regard, the power system must have high power and high efficiency. Torque, to ensure that it is easy and powerful to go uphill with full load; on the other hand, it is also required that the spare parts matched with the power system also have corresponding heavy-load capacity; at the same time, low failure rate, high operating rate, and long service life must also be guaranteed.

After a comprehensive understanding and communication with iridium and molybdenum intelligence about tire needs, Taikaiying chose to match two tires of 14.00R25 ETOH and 16.00R25 ET668.

Among them, the design of ETOH mesh heat dissipation groove and the cutting-resistant formula of tread rubber make it have obvious advantages in heat dissipation performance, effectively reduce the problem of early failure, and ensure the operating rate; the design of lateral large blocks and tread ribs, etc. The tires have outstanding wear resistance.

ET668 relies on the unique design of transverse grooves and U-shaped cooling grooves on the shoulders, as well as the thickening of the film between the steel wires and the design of invisible reinforcing ribs, which not only effectively solves the early failure problems such as block drop, but also improves the handling performance of the tire. , climbing performance and impact resistance have been greatly improved.

As a blockbuster product launched by iridium and molybdenum intelligence, EM200 bears the important task of achieving leadership in intelligence and electrification, and to a certain extent determines its future direction in the 100 billion-level market. Therefore, in iridium and molybdenum intelligence, the requirements for spare parts such as tires are extremely strict.

Relying on the scene-based research and development capabilities accumulated over more than ten years, the Taikaiying engineer team quickly positioned the special product requirements of iridium and molybdenum intelligence - both having excellent load capacity and adapting to extremely high-intensity working hours. After the discussion and design of many engineers, Taikaiying adopted the design scheme of double sidewall carcass for ETOH, which makes the tire more resistant to wear, puncture, and heat generation, but also increases the load capacity and failure. The characteristics of less, perfectly adapt to the requirements of high overload operation.

For a long time, Taikaiying has always been committed to providing users with scene-specific products to meet their differentiated product needs. Taikaiying believes that only by providing products and services that best meet the needs of users can we create sustainable value for customers, truly help customers take root in the mining area, and open up a new world in the future smart and electric mining card market. Editor/Zhao E