Syria debuts at the Service Trade Fair!

Seetao 2022-09-08 09:15
  • In this service trade fair, Syria's tourism services made their debut
  • The opening ceremony of the 7th Colorful World Cultural Exhibition along the Belt and Road countries will be held on the afternoon of September 1
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From August 31st to September 5th, 2022, the China International Fair for Trade in Services will be held in Beijing. Syria, a country with a long history and ancient civilization, was invited to participate for the first time. At this exhibition, Syria will display Syria's tourism, culture, special products and trade opportunities through a combination of online and offline methods through multiple angles, forms and languages.

As an international and comprehensive large-scale exhibition in the field of service trade, the Service Trade Fair provides an important display platform for companies from all over the world to actively integrate into the Chinese service market. More than 20 countries in Hall 2 of Shougang Park form the national characteristic exhibition area along the Belt and Road. As an important country along the Belt and Road, Syria’s historical origin with China can be traced back to two thousand years ago. Syria is located on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, at the junction of the three continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. During the Western Han Dynasty in China, it was connected to China through the Silk Road, the main artery of communication between Eastern and Western civilizations. It was the gathering of caravans from the East and the West on the Silk Road. land.

A colorful world brings new opportunities

As one of the important activities during the Service Trade Fair, the opening ceremony of the 7th Colorful World Exhibition on the Characteristic Culture of Countries along the Belt and Road will be held on the afternoon of September 1. The Syrian Ambassador to China Mu Hassaneh Haddam will attend the opening ceremony. And as a guest speaker, it will also comprehensively display Syria's tourism resources and investment opportunities for the first time. As the domestic situation in Syria has basically stabilized, many cities have begun to rebuild. Investment and trade opportunities in Syria, which has many natural resources, are beginning to emerge.

For investors, according to Syrian Act No. 18 of 2021, Syria provides various investment guarantees for foreign investors, including manufacturing, mineral resource development, renewable resource application, power project development, tourism development, agriculture and The development of animal husbandry and the construction of the pharmaceutical industry, as key areas, will provide strong support and investment protection. Through the platform of the Service Trade Fair this time, it not only gave Syria an opportunity to show, but also an excellent opportunity for Chinese related companies to have a more comprehensive understanding of the Syrian market. It provides a new option for Chinese companies that need to expand the development of the Middle East market to explore the Syrian market and radiate other countries in the Middle East with Syria as the center.

In this service trade fair, Syria's tourism services will be unveiled for the first time, and it is hoped that through the establishment of long-term cooperation with Chinese enterprises, they will jointly explore and develop Syria's outbound tourism products. Syria has more than 3,500 monuments, like a huge open-air museum, containing ancient cuneiform writing, magnificent city-state buildings, fusion artistic styles, and invaluable treasures of exotic ancient civilizations such as literary epics. The unique geographical location makes various cultures blend here, from the civilization of the Mesopotamia to the Greek and Roman times, from the rise of Islamic civilization to the development of modern civilization, forming a unique Syrian culture.

Docking zero distance, online and offline with goods

As an Arab country with a long history, Syria's characteristic culture and products are still at the stage of "treasures to be discovered" for China. In this regard, during the Service Trade Fair, the heads of the Economic, Commercial and Financial Section of the Syrian Embassy in China and the head of the Media and Culture Division will all be present at the exhibition site. This is the first time that the official staff of the Embassy in China will be present throughout the whole process. For companies interested in Syria , It is a rare opportunity for individuals to have a more efficient and direct zero-distance understanding of Syria, and access to resources such as business, trade and tourism.

In order to better let Chinese consumers know about Syrian products, on the afternoon of September 4th, the Syrian pavilion will hold a live broadcast event at the service trade fair to share Syria's characteristic products and tourism culture. goods". Editor/Zhao E