The first 15-meter super shield in Guangfo area rolls off the assembly line

Seetao 2022-09-18 10:11
  • Jihua No. 1 shield will be used in the construction of the control engineering of the west extension line of Jihua Road in Foshan City
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Recently, the Φ15.56m super-diameter mud-water balance shield "Jihua No. 1" jointly developed by Shanghai Tunnel Co., Ltd. and CREG was successfully commissioned and rolled off the assembly line in Foshan. It is a powerful testimony for the tunnel workers to serve the infrastructure construction of the Greater Bay Area, and it is another masterpiece of the tunnel workers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area!

In order to cope with the difficulties in tunnel construction such as shallow overburden, strong water penetration, and soft upper and lower hard, the project R&D team has equipped "Jihua No. 1" with six industry-leading core technologies.

"Jihua No. 1" is about to go to the Jihua Road West Extension Project site. The shield tunnel of the project is a double-pipe, single-layer, two-way, six-lane tunnel. The left line is 1472 meters long, the right line is 1474.202 meters long, and the middle section of the river is 920 meters. . This project is part of the strategic construction of Foshan First Ring Road Westward Expansion. It will become a new component of the traffic artery connecting the West Wing of the South China Sea, Gaoming, Sanshui and the central urban area of Foshan and the one-hour traffic circle of Guangfo.Editor/Ma Xue