Qingyang, Gansu issued the second batch of scenery indicators

Seetao 2022-09-19 10:14
  • Among them, wind power is 600,000 kilowatts, and photovoltaic power is 400,000 kilowatts
  • In principle, the construction of the second batch of wind and photovoltaic projects will be completed and put into operation before the end of 2024
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It is reported that Qingyang City, Gansu Province plans to allocate the second batch of wind power photovoltaic project construction indicators in the "14th Five-Year Plan", with a total of 1 million kilowatts, including 600,000 kilowatts of wind power and 400,000 kilowatts of photovoltaics.

Project information to be allocated

The 500,000-kilowatt new energy project in Huachi County of Gansu Ruiqing New Energy Group Co., Ltd. is located in Huachi County, including 250,000 kilowatts of wind power and 250,000 kilowatts of photovoltaics.

The 300,000-kilowatt new energy project in Lujiawan, Huanxian County, Gansu Longyuan Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. of the National Energy Group, is located in Lujiawan Township and Maojing Township of Huanxian County. 100,000 kilowatts.

Energy China China Power Green Energy (Qingyang) New Energy Co., Ltd. Qingyang, Gansu Province, "East Numbers and West Calculations" Source-Network Load-Storage Integration Smart Zero-Carbon Big Data Industrial Park Demonstration Project, with a scale of 200,000 kilowatts, is located in Tianchi Township, Huanxian County. Within the territory, wind power is 150,000 kilowatts and photovoltaic power is 50,000 kilowatts.

Construction timing

The construction targets for the second batch of wind photovoltaic projects in the “14th Five-Year Plan” plan to be allocated in this arrangement are the construction scale of the two years from 2023 to 2024. In principle, they will be completed and put into operation before the end of 2024. Editor / Xu Shengpeng