Model cars of the Columbia West Tram Project roll off the assembly line

Seetao 2022-09-19 14:11
  • This is Colombia's first modern tram project
  • The train will further improve the travel quality of local people and help local economic and social development
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Recently, the model car of the Columbia West Tram Project was officially unveiled at CRRC Changke Co., Ltd. The vehicle off-line ceremony connects Colombia and Changchun through video. Nicolas Garcia, Governor of Cundinamarca Province, Colombia, Liu Weimin, Chairman of China Civil Engineering Corporation, Jamie, General Manager of Colombian Cundinamarca Regional Railway Company, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of CRRC Changke Co., Ltd. Manager Liu Changqing and others attended the offline ceremony.

Witnessed by the participants, Nicolas Garcia announced the "vehicle start", and the model car of the Colombian West Tram Project officially rolled off the assembly line!

Integrate into local culture

The train is composed of 6 low-floor trams, 4 moving and 2 trailers. During operation, the two trains are reconnected. They have reached the international leading position in terms of body length, bearing capacity, traction braking performance, intelligence level, and ride comfort. Level, and tailored for the local high-altitude, large ramp, long station spacing and other urban rail line environment.

The shape of the front of the train is like the Andean condor, the national bird of Colombia, which is full of dynamism. The overall tone of the car body adopts a free and deep blue, and is also equipped with the Colombian flag red, yellow and blue to highlight the national characteristics. The dynamic shape and rich colors reflect the warm and unrestrained South American style.

Adapt to the local environment

In view of the environmental characteristics of thin air and strong solar radiation in high-altitude areas, the train has improved the insulation and voltage resistance and heat dissipation functions of the equipment, further increasing the reliability of the system, and added anti-aging elements to non-metallic materials to reduce the effect of ultraviolet rays on components. impact on lifespan. At the same time, in order to reduce the impact of solar radiation on passengers, the train is also thoughtfully equipped with side window sunshades with anti-aging properties to further enhance the passenger experience.

Large passenger capacity

The length of the train's reconnection operation is 105m. It is the tram with the longest commercial vehicle body and the strongest passenger carrying capacity in the world. It provides convenient and fast travel for millions of people along the track and promotes the interconnection between cities. The super-long car body also provides passengers with a spacious and comfortable riding space, and a complete seating area, standing area, bicycle area, and wheelchair area meet various riding needs, reflecting the humanistic care of the train.

Comfortable ride

The interior of the car adopts a humanized space design, with bright and fresh white as the main interior color, with the blue tone of the seats, creating a warm and brisk riding experience. The driver's cab has a driving field of vision and a comfortable driving environment that exceed the standard requirements; the large-area glass window design in the passenger compartment provides a panoramic view of the scenery of Colombia, which is like spring in all seasons; the use of high-performance composite material floor greatly improves the sound insulation performance of the train , to provide a quiet environment for passengers.

Excellent drivability

The trains are equipped with high-power traction motors and converters, with the maximum acceleration and average emergency braking deceleration reaching 1.1m/s² and 2.8m/s² respectively, which greatly exceeds similar international models and greatly improves the efficiency of vehicle operation. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of operation, the train is also equipped with an active obstacle detection system to warn of obstacles on the track ahead in advance. The fire safety of trains meets the most stringent international standards, escorting the safety of trains.

Green energy saving and environmental protection

The train is equipped with an ecological driving system, which can guide the driver to drive with the optimal energy consumption, optimal speed and optimal control strategy, so as to achieve energy saving, emission reduction and green driving. The air-conditioning system of the train adopts an energy-saving control strategy to reduce auxiliary energy consumption; the lighting in the passenger room can be intelligently adjusted according to the brightness of the external environment to reduce lighting energy consumption. At the same time, the train is equipped with a high-frequency auxiliary converter, which greatly reduces its own weight and improves the energy conversion efficiency of the auxiliary power supply.

full life cycle maintenance

In the design stage of the train, the 21.5-year long-term maintenance requirements and the concept of full life cycle management are combined, and the ultra-long overhaul cycle and convenient maintenance procedures are comprehensively planned, which reduces the vehicle maintenance cost and improves the vehicle availability. Bring more considerable economic and social benefits.

According to reports, the tram project in western Colombia is a commuter passage connecting the capital city of Bogota and cities in Queensland. After the operation of the train, it will benefit millions of residents in Bogota, Colombia and the surrounding areas of Cundinamarca Province, greatly shorten the commuting time of the people, fully stimulate local employment, and promote the economic development of cities along the line. Editor/He Yuting


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