Chongqing Rail Transit Loop Project Won the Engineering Nobel Prize

Seetao 2022-09-19 17:18
  • The Chongqing Rail Transit Ring Line Project is the only closed track ring line in Chongqing
  • The project will greatly optimize the urban structure layout
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Recently, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) officially announced the 2022 "Fidic Engineering Project Award". 9 high-quality building and infrastructure projects around the world have won awards, and a total of 3 projects in China have won this honor. Among them, the Chongqing Rail Transit Ring Line, which was built by the third company of China Railway 20th Bureau, won the 2022 "Fidic Engineering Project Award" annual outstanding project award.

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) is the most authoritative consulting engineer organization in the world. The FIDIC terms published by the organization are widely used in the construction of international engineering projects. The awards awarded by the organization are also known as the "Nobel Prize" in the field of international engineering consulting.

Chongqing Rail Transit Ring Line

The Chongqing Rail Transit Ring Line is an important part of Chongqing's rail transit network, and it is also the only closed track circular line in Chongqing. It integrates railways, highways, water transportation and air transportation, which is of great significance for alleviating traffic congestion in Chongqing and promoting the overall development of the city.

The second-phase bidding section of the Chongqing Rail Loop Line undertaken by the third company of China Railway 20th Bureau has a total length of 2.7 kilometers. The construction tasks are mainly 2 stations and 3 sections, namely Haitangxi Elevated Station, Luojiaba Elevated Station and the section between Shanghao and Haitangxi, The interval between Haitangxi and Luojiaba, and the interval between Luojiaba and four kilometers.

Many places along the bidding section are adjacent to or across the existing bustling urban traffic trunk roads and traffic hub bus stations, and the construction interference is large. The project builders carefully organized and carried out scientific construction to overcome the traffic relief, pipeline relocation, complex ground environment, and many construction interfaces. Due to the large workload of coordination and other influences, the project construction was promoted in a safe, high-quality, fast and green way, and won unanimous praise from all parties.

Among them, the Haitangxi Station built by the Third Company of China Railway 20th Bureau is the first station on the whole line whose main body is capped.

Every evening, the meandering train gallops along the track from far to near, accompanied by the lights of Wanjia on Yuzhong Peninsula and the "Twin Towers" of the Sheraton Hotel Nanbin Road, outlining the Chongqing version of "Manhattan", creating a new The "Begonia Misty Rain" has become a veritable Internet celebrity check-in place.

With excellent management and excellent quality, the project has successively won the "Excellent Youth Commando Team" in the field of transportation construction in Chongqing, the first prize of the Excellent Quality Management Team of Engineering Construction of Chongqing Construction Industry Association, and the "Safe, Civilized and Standardized Site" of Chongqing Rail Group, etc. Honor, establishes a good image of the enterprise.

At present, the third company of China Railway 20th Bureau has successively participated in the construction of Line 9, Line 10, Ring Line and Line 24 in the field of rail transit in Chongqing. This award has laid a good foundation for the company to continue to deepen its territorial development and achieve rolling development. Editor/He Yuting