The Ming Great Wall protection and repair project is in full swing

Seetao 2022-09-20 11:53
  • This repair project is to protect the authenticity, integrity and historical features of the remains of the Great Wall
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Recently, the protection and repair works of the enemy buildings No. 3 and 8 in Taolinkkou Guancheng of the Ming Great Wall, Liujiaying Township, Lulong County, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province, are progressing steadily as required.

It is understood that the Ming Great Wall under the jurisdiction of Lulong is located at the junction of Lulong and Qinglong counties, starting from Xida Kang in Baijiafang Village, Yanheying Town in the east, and 1.5 kilometers west of Liujiakou Village in Liujiaying Township, with a length of 22.3 kilometers. There are three major passes of Liujiakou Pass, Taolinkou Pass and Chongyukou Pass, 86 enemy towers and several piers.Editor/Ma Xue