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Eighth Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge officially opened to traffic

Seetao 2022-09-20 18:12
  • The entire line of the project is 2.96 kilometers long, with a bridge width of 13.4 meters and a two-lane design
  • After the project is put into operation, it will greatly improve local traffic conditions and promote regional connectivity
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Recently, the Bangladesh-Bangladesh-China Friendship Eight Bridge Project, which was constructed by China Railway Seventeenth Bureau Group Co., Ltd., was officially opened to traffic. The bridge spanned the Kucha River in southern Bangladesh from east to west, and played a key role in the comprehensive connection of the transportation network in southern Bangladesh. Make China's contribution to the construction of the Belt and Road.

Starting from the Brigango Bridge, the first aid bridge to Bangladesh, which started in October 1986, to the eighth Bangladesh aid bridge for Bangladesh-China Friendship, which opened to traffic on September 4, 2022, the aid bridge has become a brand and a brand in China's aid to Bangladesh. Representatives, they have also deeply connected the emotions of the two peoples with their steel bonds.

The Bangladesh-China Friendship Eight Bridges Project aided in Bangladesh is located about 5 kilometers east of the city of Rojapur in the Barisal region of southern Bangladesh, and is built across the local Kucha River. The whole line is 2.96 kilometers long, the bridge is 13.4 meters wide, and has a double-lane design. The main body of the construction is bridge engineering, including a new 1.493-kilometer extra-large bridge, a small bridge, a culvert, as well as an approach road project, a river bank protection project, and a new road asphalt project. , Roadbed drainage works, greening works on both sides of the approach road, power supply and power works for all line lights, traffic safety works and bridge works.

During the construction period, the difficulty of the project mainly lies in the construction of the deep-water pile foundation of the main bridge and the construction of the deep-water high pile cap. The deep-water pile foundation of the Bangladesh-China Friendship Eighth Bridge Project is a bored cast-in-place pile with a maximum length of about 117m. Due to the poor geology of the pile location, it is mainly composed of silt, silty silty clay, silt and fine sand layers. Therefore, when constructing ultra-deep bored piles, the drill bit is prone to oblique holes, collapsed holes, etc. Problems such as large thickness of pile bottom sediment and large sand content in mud circulation. In this regard, the construction technical team of the project department conducted a detailed survey of the geology of the construction water area in advance in the early stage of construction, and finally established a scientific and effective deep-water pile foundation construction plan through a large number of test data and multiple technical discussions by all construction personnel. During the construction period, the project technicians refined the construction drawings several times, and conducted a 24-hour all-round monitoring of the project quality, thus successfully completing the deep-water pile foundation construction of the main bridge.

The deep-water cap is also a key and difficult project in the construction process of the project. The water cap is 19 meters long, 14 meters wide and 4.5 meters high. The construction is carried out in the waters with a water depth of 18 meters and a water speed of 1.2 m/s, and the adverse effects of currents and tidal fluctuations need to be overcome. At the same time, the construction water area is a local water-intensive area, and a large number of freight and passenger ships pass by every day. Therefore, during the construction process, how to avoid potential safety hazards caused by passing ships is also a difficulty. In this regard, the technical team of the project department has carefully organized and rationally refined the construction plan, and through a detailed understanding of the traffic conditions in the local river waters, on the basis of arranging a sufficient number of safety navigation lights in the construction waters, the steel hanging box method was finally adopted. construction. During the construction of the cap, the technical team of the project department held several conferences on construction technology disclosure and safety and quality disclosure, and strictly controlled the construction team to ensure the normal progress of the construction of the cap while ensuring safe construction.

In the past four years, in order to build a famous foreign aid project, the Bangladesh-China Friendship Eighth Bridge Project Department has invested more than 200 Chinese technical management personnel, hundreds of large-scale construction machinery, and more than 600 daily construction personnel. The smooth implementation of the project provides the necessary prerequisites. In order to ensure the quality of the project, firstly, the project department actively controls the construction technology, adheres to the drawing review system, implements the design unit, supervision unit, and construction technical team to participate in the drawing review, discovers and avoids errors and unreasonable design, and clarify the design intent. , strictly abide by the design requirements; the second is to actively increase the training of construction personnel, improve the quality and safety awareness of construction personnel, and establish the construction concept of "safety and quality first, pre-control first"; the third is to strictly control materials and equipment Procurement and inspection, and actively improve the material foundation of project construction; fourth, actively strengthen on-site inspection and inspection to ensure that all project entities are completed in accordance with design quality and quantity.

During the bridge construction period, the Bangladesh-China Friendship Eighth Bridge Project Department also continued to strengthen the technical training of Bangladeshi employees. In the past four years, a total of more than 400 skilled workers of various types have been trained. A project can benefit the development concept of the people on one side, actively solve problems for the local people during the construction, and actively assist the local government departments to carry out various projects that benefit the people. With the implementation of a series of work for the benefit of the people, the project has received letters of thanks and warm praise from the Bangladesh Ministry of Roads, Transport and Bridges, the Office of the Mayor of Birojpur, the chairman of the township in the resident area, and the people in the resident area.

As an important transportation hub project in southwestern Bangladesh, the Eighth Bangladesh-China Friendship Bridge will be successfully opened to traffic and will connect Khulna District and Barisal District in southern Bangladesh by land. In the future, the bridge will greatly improve local traffic conditions, promote regional connectivity, and will strongly promote the better development of agriculture, industry, aquaculture, fishery, and tourism in southern Bangladesh.

After six years of hard construction, China Railway 17th Bureau successfully completed the construction of the Eighth Bridge of Bangladesh-China Friendship. With high standard and high-quality "Made in China", it ended the history of local residents relying on ferry to travel between the two sides of the Strait for thousands of years, and obtained Bangladesh Warm praise from the Ministry of Roads, Traffic and Bridges, the city of Birojpur and the local people. Editor /Zhao E