Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project delivers 1 billion kWh of hydropower

Seetao 2022-09-21 10:32
  • Qinghai sent 9.4 billion kWh to Tibet, and Tibet's hydropower sent 6.68 billion kWh
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Recently, the "Electric Power Sky Road" Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project ended this year's hydropower delivery from Tibet, and began to transmit electricity from Qinghai to Tibet. Through this major energy channel, Tibet will transport a total of 1.01 billion kWh of surplus hydropower to Qinghai in the summer and autumn of 2022

The Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project is the first "electric power road" to Tibet. It was put into operation at the end of 2011. It is the world's highest DC transmission line with the longest mileage across permafrost.

Tibet is rich in hydropower resources, but there are seasonal characteristics of abundance in summer and dry in winter. The contradiction between power shortage in winter and difficulty in power consumption in summer is prominent. The Qinghai-Tibet interconnection project has cleared the energy bottleneck in Tibet. In June 2015, the Qinghai-Tibet Interconnection Project passed the power reversal test and realized the first delivery of hydropower in Tibet. Since then, the regular characteristics of "green power entering Tibet" in winter and spring and "Tibetan power returning to green" in summer and autumn have been formed. The contradiction between the supply and demand of electricity in the Tibet power grid has optimized the resource allocation in western China.Editor/Ma Xue