Xining-Chengdu Railway Xining-Huangshengguan Section Project Tendering

Seetao 2022-09-22 15:03
  • The new length of the Sichuan section of the project is 169.261km, and the passenger train design speed is 200km/h
  • The total investment of this project is 78.07 billion yuan, and the planned construction period is 2191 calendar days
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On September 21, 2022, the Beijing Construction Engineering Information Network released the tender announcement for the unit price contract for the construction of the new Xining-Chengdu Railway Xining-Huangshengguan Section. The industry railway to which the project belongs, the tenderer Chenglan Railway Co., Ltd., The total investment of the project is 78.07 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The newly built Xining-Chengdu railway line starts from Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, and connects to Huangshengguan Station of the Lanzhou-Lanzhou Railway; The total length of the line is 824.72km, and the new length of the Sichuan section is 169.261km. The main projects: the total length of bridges is 64.783km/62, the tunnel is 41.678km/14, and there are 5 newly built Huahu, Asi, Ruoergai, Banyou and Hongyuan. station and introduce the existing Chenglan Railway Huangshengguan Station. The main technical standards of this line are: railway grade: Class I; number of main lines: double lines; design speed of passenger trains: 200 km/h, and the section from Langmusi to Hongyuan is reserved for plane conditions of increasing the speed to 250 km/h. Minimum plane curve radius: 3500 meters in general areas and 2800 meters in difficult areas. Limit slope: 25‰. Traction type: electric traction. Traction mass: 1500 tons. The effective length of the arrival and departure line: 650 meters. Train operation control mode: CTCS-2 train control system. Occlusion Type: Automatic occlusion.

Tender division

This tender is divided into 5 tenders, tenders: XCSCZQ-1, XCSCZQ-2, XCSCZQ-3, XCSCZQ-4, XCSCZQ-5.

XCSCZQ-1, the number of projects is: 4.23km/2 bridges; 14.68km/2 tunnels; 0.78km/3 sections of roadbed; 1 track laying base and track laying on the whole line (334.58 track laying kilometers on the main line, 12.363 track laying kilometers on the station line , laying 718,700 square meters of ballast, and laying 65 sets of turnouts); 1 beam storage yard, 131 holes for box girder frame; Key control projects: Baozuo tunnel, Ranch village tunnel, track laying on the whole line, mileage/range: DK0+0~DK19+684.6, main line length 19.685km.

XCSCZQ-2, the number of projects is: 11.11km/6 bridges; 11.39km/2 tunnels; 6.12km/5 sections of roadbed; 1 station; There are 317 holes for the frame of the section box girder, and 428 holes for the XCSCZQ-3 standard box girder. The key control projects are: Hongyuan No. 1 Tunnel, Hongyuan No. 2 Tunnel, Hongyuan G213 Interchange Bridge, mileage/range: DK19+684.6~DK51+982.43, main line length 28.625km.

XCSCZQ-3, the number of projects is: 24.61km/23 bridges; 6.5km/6 tunnels; 10.66km/21 subgrades; 1 station; double-block ballastless ballast beds and sleepers are purchased, transported and installed for 3.6km. The key control projects are: construction in the Kaharqiao Reserve, Mamoke No. 2 Bridge, Qiuji Nanwa No. 2 Bridge, Echoket Bridge, mileage/range: DK51+982.43~DK93+639.89, The length of the main line is 41.765km.

XCSCZQ-4, the number of projects is: 15.96km/15 bridges; 2.18km/1 tunnel; 16.37km/19 sections of roadbed; 2 stations; Section box girder frame 482 holes, frame XCSCZQ-3 standard box girder 313 holes; double-block ballast bed and sleeper price purchase, transportation and installation 2.2km. The key control projects are: Ruoergai Tunnel, Ruoergai Requhe Bridge, Gangrangyong Bridge, Cross County Road Y558 Middle Bridge, mileage/range: DK93+639.89~DK128+872.5, main line length 34.514km.

XCSCZQ-5, the number of projects is: 8.9km/16 bridges; 6.93km/3 tunnels; 28.87km/19 sections of roadbed; 1 station; The purchase, transportation and installation of ballastless beds and sleepers is 6.85km. The key control projects are: Langmusi Tunnel, Rierlang Mountain Tunnel, Rierlang Mountain Mingdong, Guoqu Bridge, and Muhalong Bridge. Keywords: engineering news, engineering construction information, engineering construction

Planned construction period: 2191 calendar days, planned start date: November 1, 2022, and planned completion date: October 31, 2028.

Obtaining tender documents

Bidders are requested to log in to the Beijing Municipal Engineering Construction Public Resources Trading Platform from 13:00 on September 22, 2022 to 13:00 on September 27, 2022 to download the electronic bidding documents. Deadline for submission of documents: 09:30 on October 25, 2022. Editor/Zhao E