Mongolia's largest overpass constructed by a Chinese company completed

Seetao 2022-09-23 09:30
  • A number of technical parameters of the Olympic Overpass adopt Chinese standards
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On September 22, 2022, local time, the Olympic Overpass, the largest interchange overpass in Mongolia, which was built by China Railway 20th Bureau under the design-procurement-construction (EPC) model, was completed and put into use.

The Olympic Overpass is located in the center of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It consists of a main line bridge, a ramp bridge, a ramp roadbed and a pedestrian bridge, with a total length of 1,167 meters. The main line bridge adopts a two-way 4-lane standard design. The bridge spans the existing railway, Ulaanbaatar city main road Sun Road and Selebe River. It is a first-class traffic main road in Ulaanbaatar.

Since the start of construction in 2018, China Railway 20th Bureau has applied domestic construction technology to bridge construction. Among them, many technical parameters such as box girder prefabrication and cast-in-place continuous box girder prestressing and tensioning have all adopted Chinese standards. Over the past four years, it has trained more than 1,500 modern bridge construction technicians and managers for the local area.Editor/Ma Xue