Going to the IAA to win glory for the country, Weichai has reached a new height

Seetao 2022-09-23 14:49
  • Weichai should shoulder the mission of exploring cutting-edge technologies in the industry and create more disruptive technologies
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The 68th Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show kicked off. In this Olympic arena known as the global commercial vehicle industry, all companies presented their latest products and technologies.

As China's top power leading enterprise, Weichai has long occupied the leading position of "the world's largest diesel engine industry cluster", and Weichai's achievements in the field of diesel engines have become world-renowned. At this exhibition, Weichai, as a technology-leading supplier of power system solutions for commercial vehicles, has brought out cutting-edge technologies and products of "press box bottom" for the diesel engine sector, powertrain sector and new energy sector, and has been widely used in global commercial vehicles. At the top technology event, the world-class diversified cutting-edge technology strength was displayed.

"Cutting-edge technology" attracts the world's attention

Thermal efficiency is a standard to measure the fuel utilization efficiency of internal combustion engines. The higher the thermal efficiency, the less fuel consumption, and the more significant the effect of energy saving and emission reduction, which reflects the comprehensive strength of a country's diesel engine technology.

In the birthplace of diesel engines, Weichai exhibited for the first time to the world the 51.09% high thermal efficiency platform H series products that can be put into commercial operation. The right to speak has also won the C position on the world internal combustion engine stage for itself.

According to China Truck Information Network, the new H platform series engines exhibited by Weichai on site have a power range of 190-660 horsepower. In addition to the WP2H on pickups and SUVs, it also includes WP5H, WP8H, WP10H dual supercharger and WP15H and other high thermal efficiency. product. At the same time, the world's first WP13H commercial vehicle powertrain product with a thermal efficiency of 51.09% was exhibited, showing the world Weichai's powerful integration capabilities.

In the field of new energy, Weichai has several technical routes going hand in hand. This time, Weichai brought a 260kW hydrogen fuel cell engine and WP15 hydrogen engine, as well as a hybrid powertrain for future Euro VII emission regulations, a pure electric integrated axle drive system and other new tools for carbon reduction and decarbonization. Indicators lead the world.

Among them, the 260kW hydrogen fuel cell engine adopts high power density and high power graphite electrode stack, the power density reaches 4.0KW/L, the high integration and modular design, the system mass power density reaches 867W/kg, and the system efficiency exceeds 60%.

The WP15 hydrogen engine adopts the ECU intelligent core independently developed by Weichai. The control strategy of the whole machine is customized and developed. The operating parameters of each engine system are flexible and controllable, which effectively supports the in-depth research on the characteristics and technology of hydrogen engine.

Leading the world and creating social value

Leaving the market to talk about technology is like a tree without roots and water without a source. Tan Xuguang, the leader who led Weichai all the way to world-class status, has a set of principles for technological innovation.

He believes that "As a leading enterprise in the industry, Weichai should shoulder the mission of exploring cutting-edge technologies in the industry, create more disruptive technologies, and achieve more breakthroughs from 0 to 1. Only in this way can we continue to lead the world."

At the same time, Tan Xuguang also knows that "the vitality of technology lies in commercialization, and only commercialization can maximize the creation of social value." Therefore, he requires Weichai to not only do a good job in technical reserves for the next ten years, but also make core technologies fast. translate into productivity.

On these cutting-edge technology products exhibited by Weichai, the outside world not only saw Weichai's strength to seize the commanding heights of global technology, but also felt Weichai's R&D capability to cope with technological iterations with ease, and also experienced Weichai's ability to quickly implement these cutting-edge technologies. The speed at which people realize commercialization in one step.

At present, the H-series products and T-series products, which were born out of the 51.09% high thermal efficiency platform, have been installed on Shaanxi Heavy Truck and China Heavy Truck respectively and put into market operation. In the field of new energy, Weichai not only firmly grasps the three core technologies of future new energy commercial vehicles, but also establishes the whole industry chain of hydrogen fuel commercial vehicles of "single cell-stack-engine-vehicle", which is the global hydrogen fuel cell industry chain. One of the companies with the most commercial vehicle regional demonstration products.

Industrial prosperity leads to economic prosperity, and strong manufacturing leads to strong development. Driven by "Dual Engines", Weichai has unswervingly realized that traditional high-end power and new energy power are at the forefront. In the scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation, not only has it opened up a new path for China's "dual carbon" strategy of diversified energy transformation, but also It has contributed Chinese wisdom and strength to leading global energy conservation and emission reduction.Editor/XingWentao