The safety guardian of the plateau railway: Li Changyong

Seetao 2022-09-28 09:15
  • Li Changyong interprets the responsibility of railway people with the life creed of doing fine work and being a down-to-earth person
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Li Changyong, Director of the Ruoqiang Comprehensive Maintenance Workshop of the Ruoqiang Infrastructure Section of China Railway Urumqi Bureau Group Co., Ltd., has won the locomotive medal and the Urumqi Bureau Group Company Advanced Producer, Excellent Communist Party Member and 2021 "Top Ten Heroes of Urumqi Railway" and other honors . Li Changyong has been engaged in railway engineering surveying, line maintenance and other types of work.

At the beginning of 2019, before the Goku Railway was put into operation, Li Changyong submitted a petition to the party organization: "I am familiar with many types of public works. I grew up in a high-altitude area, and I am fully adapted to the high-altitude mountain environment of the Goku Railway. I hope to go to the highest altitude, the worst conditions."

In this way, from June 2019 to the beginning of 2020, Li Changyong has been sticking to the high-altitude and difficult-condition section of the Geku Railway, leading more than 80 employees to discover and properly handle various hidden dangers in tunnels, bridges and lines in a timely manner. Contribute to the safe opening and operation of the Kuwait Railway.

In November 2020, Li Changyong became the deputy director of the comprehensive maintenance workshop of Etun Brac. The workshop has jurisdiction over 132 kilometers of high-altitude mountain railways, as well as line power supply facilities and electrical equipment. Among them, the Altun Mountain Tunnel, which is 13 kilometers long and has an average altitude of 3,500 meters, is the longest tunnel of the Geku Railway, and it is also the top priority of their management.

In early July 2022, Li Changyong came to Ruoqiang comprehensive maintenance workshop. As soon as he arrived at the post, he continued his previous style of work and plunged into the line, followed the construction, checked the equipment, and mastered the situation of the line equipment in the area under the jurisdiction of the workshop. "For the 142-kilometer line, the sandstorm section accounts for nearly half of it." From the plateau to the plain, the same Geku Railway has a different line environment. Looking at the vast sand sea in the distance, Li Changyong was thinking about the wind and sand protection of the line.

The traffic density in the section under the jurisdiction of the Ruoqiang comprehensive maintenance workshop is high, especially the frequent shunting operations in the Ruoqiang station yard, which puts forward higher requirements for line maintenance and repair. "The pressure is still very high." Li Changyong said that at the new position, the management equipment and personnel, as well as the lines and equipment in the sand-damaged area, are much more than the original workshop. Every day, he has to check the construction site at night to see if there is any quality problem. "There is a challenge when there is pressure." Li Changyong said, to take over the baton, he must use all his strength and run as fast as he can.Editor/Ma Xue