Former Chilean ambassador to China advocates the Belt and Road Initiative

Seetao 2022-09-28 09:41
  • Former Chilean ambassador to China advocates the Belt and Road Initiative
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Recently, in an interview, former Chilean ambassador to China He Giorgio said that developed countries are now abandoning globalization, while developing countries support free trade, which means that the developing world contains future development opportunities.

George He said that now it is the developing countries that advocate free trade and globalization, which is very important. In my opinion, China should keep this in mind when dealing with this kind of anti-globalization problem, pay attention to developing countries, and know that there are opportunities and futures.

George He said, I would like to give an example that I think is the most remarkable, and that is the Belt and Road Initiative. Over the past 9 years, we've seen how developed countries have criticized and condemned the Belt and Road Initiative, which they say is part of "debt diplomacy" - (China) finding ways to inflict debt on developing countries, borrowing what they don't need Money, build all kinds of flashy projects. Suddenly, however, they also changed their tune. The G7 proposed the Global Infrastructure and Investment Partnership, realizing that developing countries actually need infrastructure.

Therefore, now developed countries are also starting to act. In my opinion, this just proves that China should insist on defending free trade, cooperating with developing countries and advancing the Belt and Road Initiative, because this is where the future lies.Editor/Ma Xue