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City Railway Chengdu-Meishan Line Project Won the Bid

Seetao 2022-09-28 09:53
  • The project line is about 59.315km long, with 13 stations on the whole line, and the bidding price is about 10.6 billion yuan
  • After the project is completed, the traffic capacity of the two places will be greatly improved, and the people along the line will travel more conveniently and quickly
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On September 27, 2022, the Sichuan Public Resources Trading Network released the announcement of the successful bidders for the general contracting of the construction of the Chengdu-Meishan line of the suburban railway. The construction site of the project is located in Chengdu and Meishan, and the bid price is about 10.6 billion yuan.

Project Overview

The construction site of the Chengdu-Meishan Line of the Suburban Railway is located in Chengdu and Meishan City. The line starts at Honglian Station of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 19 and ends at Meishan East Station in Meishan City. The line is about 59.315km long, of which the underground section is 9.85km long, and the elevated, ground and transition sections are 49.465km long. There are Honglian Station, Qinhuangsi Station, Xinglong Lake West Station, Jiancha Station, Wenchuangcheng Station and Shigao Station on the whole line. , Nantianfu Park Station, Lego Station, Heilongtan Station, Mindong New District Station, Meishan North Station, Music Square Station, and Meishan East Station 13 stations, including 5 underground stations and 8 elevated stations. There will be 1 section and 1 field, namely the Gaobeng Village Depot and the Meishan North Parking Lot. There are 2 main substations and 1 control center.

After the completion of the project, the line will be directly connected to the urban rail transit network of Chengdu, which is the main channel of the same city of Chengmei. The comparative advantages of Deyang, Meishan, and Ziyang enhance the supporting role of surrounding cities, county towns and key towns, which are of great significance to building a metropolitan area on the track, and building a networked metropolitan area spatial development pattern with pole-core leading, axial belt series, and multi-point support. . Key words: engineering construction information, engineering construction, engineering news

Bidding Information

The first bid-winning candidate for this project: China Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd. The bid price is about 10.6 billion yuan. Congratulations to the winning bidder!Editor/Zhao E