Wind power

Tianjin gets approval for first Double Ten offshore wind power project

Seetao 2022-09-28 10:29
  • Global offshore wind capacity is expected to reach 316GW by 2030
  • The total installed capacity of the project is 196MW, with 28 typhoon power units to be installed
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Countries around the world are seeking to accelerate the energy transition to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality. Recently, the Three Gorges Tianjin Nangang offshore wind power demonstration project has been approved by Tianjin Binhai New Area Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau.

The Three Gorges Tianjin Nangang Offshore Wind Power Demonstration Project is the first offshore wind power project in Tianjin that meets the requirements of the "Double Tenth" policy, which is in line with the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Tianjin Renewable Energy Development. The total installed capacity of the project is 196MW. It is planned to install 28 typhoon power units, construct fan foundation civil engineering, fan hoisting, and construct 220kV offshore booster station, submarine cable laying, onshore centralized control center, etc.

Built project investment of 2.4 billion yuan, the year after next generation 597.8 million kWh, compared with the same capacity of thermal power plant, save 190900 tons of standard coal, can further optimize energy structure, effectively promote wind power equipment manufacturing, Marine engineering, construction, operation maintenance and management, such as the development of related industries, to penang green low carbon industry inject more momentum. Editor/Xu Shengpeng