EPH wins 870MW Sloe power plant project in Netherlands

Seetao 2022-09-28 15:17
  • The France-based power company expects to take 100 percent ownership of the French government in a €9.7 billion deal
  • After the normal operation of the power plant, it will meet the electricity demand of 2 million households and stabilize the energy supply in the region
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Czech power and infrastructure operator EPH has reached an agreement with EDF and Pzem for the 870MW Slough combined cycle gas turbine power plant project in the Netherlands. Both EDF and Pzem hold a 50% stake in the gas-fired power plant.

The deals will make EPH the sole owner of the power plant, which is owned and operated by Sloe Centrale Holding, a joint venture between EDF and Dutch energy company Pzem. The Sloe Power Plant in Zeeland started operations in 2010. It consists of two CCGT units, each with a capacity of 435MW. In addition to gas-fired power plants, EPH has also acquired the wholesale business unit of Pzem. This involves the acquisition of Pzem Energy Company B.V and PzemPipe B.V, which are engaged in asset optimization and trading, analysis, and the provision of energy products and services to the commercial market.

"In this way, we are able to provide more substance to our shareholder strategy," said Frank Verhagen, CEO of Pzem. An important condition for the board is to find a party that fits with the company's strategy, and EPH we seem to have found it. Through these transactions, EPH will expand its footprint in the Dutch energy market. They are executed by EP Netherlands, a wholly owned subsidiary of EP Power Europe, a 100% subsidiary of EPH. Keywords: engineering news, overseas news

Janspringl, CEO of EP Power Europe, said: "We are delighted that with this opportunity, we can offer a new future for Pzem's wholesale activities, and we see the company as an important springboard for further expansion into the Dutch market. For EDF, the deal is part of its €3 billion asset disposal plan.Editor/XingWentao