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Another hub node will issue new regulations

Seetao 2022-09-29 10:19
  • The establishment of a national computing power hub will help improve the unbalanced layout of digital infrastructure
  • The "Promotion Plan" mainly focuses on Tianfu data center clusters and edge data centers, emphasizing the full implementation of the national and Sichuan strategic deployments
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Since the full launch of the "East Number and West Calculation" project, in order to promote the construction of data center clusters and improve the service level of computing power, each hub node has introduced a series of policies and measures. A few days ago, the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Economics and Information Technology compiled the "National Integrated Computing Power Network Chengdu-Chongqing National Hub Node (Chengdu) Promotion Plan (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the Promotion Plan) and the "Chengdu Data Center Construction Regulations (2022)". Annual Edition) (Draft for Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as the Construction Regulations), and openly solicit opinions from all walks of life.

The "Promotion Plan" puts forward clear requirements and plans

In terms of development goals, the "Promotion Plan" points out that by 2025, the Tianfu data center cluster start area will be fully completed, the computing power supply will be better, the data management mechanism will be further improved, the data center industry will achieve cluster development, and data, computing power, and algorithms will be initially formed. , The industrial ecology of application resource coordination, build the country's leading computing power highland, realize more green and intensive computing power facilities, more high-quality and efficient computing power services, achieve clustering of computing power industries, and more secure and sustainable basic guarantees.

The details include that the number of racks in the starting area of the Tianfu data center cluster reaches 300,000, the average availability rate of the data center is not less than 70%, the power utilization rate (PUE) is not higher than 1.25, and the average availability rate of the Chengdu data center is not less than 70%. 65%, PUE not higher than 1.3; Focus on supercomputing and intelligent computing, comprehensively improve the quality of computing power supply, and build a western computing power dispatching center serving the whole country; The data center industry chain has basically been formed, and breakthroughs have been made in key equipment and basic software. The core software and hardware ratio of the newly built data center in the cluster start area will reach 90% independently and controllable; establish and improve a coordinated security guarantee system covering basic network, data center, cloud platform, data, application, etc.

In terms of functional layout, the "Promotion Plan" mainly focuses on the Tianfu data center cluster and edge data center, emphasizing the full implementation of the national and Sichuan Province's strategic deployment, focusing on total volume control and stock improvement, in order to support the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, Guided by the development of smart Chengdu and the construction of industrial circles and strong chains, focusing on the "three better and stronger", optimizing the functional distribution of Tianfu data center clusters, flexibly deploying several inner edge data centers in the city, forming a "cluster-city" complementary, "cloud" - Side" coordinated city-wide integrated data center system.

Specifically, the Tianfu data center cluster starts with Sichuan Tianfu New District, Chengdu Eastern New District, Chengdu High-tech Zone, Shuangliu District, Pidu District, and Jianyang City, focusing on the layout of high-density, high-energy-efficiency, low-carbon large and super-large data Center (more than 3,000 standard racks), driving the development of data center-related industries.

The layout of edge data centers should be based on regional function improvement and industrial development needs. In core business districts, key parks, large enterprises, and important transportation hubs, edge data centers (standard machines) with extremely low latency and high performance should be deployed on demand. 100 or less), to meet the application needs of emerging businesses such as autonomous driving, industrial Internet, mobile medical care, intelligent security, high-frequency trading in financial markets, VR/AR, etc. collaborative development.

In terms of key tasks, the "Promotion Plan" emphasizes focusing on the improvement of urban functions and building new data centers with high quality; improving the service level of computing power and creating a national leading computing power highland; further promoting the construction of circles and chains, and optimizing and strengthening the data center industry; deepening The application of digital and computing integration enables the transformation of economic and social digital intelligence; strengthens key basic guarantees to achieve safe and sustainable development.

In coordinating the development of large and super-large data centers, accelerating the development of edge data centers, promoting green transformation and upgrading of data centers, optimizing computing power supply and scheduling, creating advanced algorithm supply highlands, actively undertaking the transfer of domestic computing power demand, and supporting the development of upstream supporting industries for data centers , vigorously develop the downstream derivative industries of data centers, enable the digital transformation of industries, enable the construction of smart Chengdu, improve network security capabilities, improve power security capabilities, and improve security security capabilities. More detailed requirements are put forward.

The "Construction Regulations" make detailed plans for the scope of application, functional positioning, spatial layout, investment and construction entities, design indicators, green indicators, network security, project effectiveness, edge data centers, etc., to comprehensively standardize the construction of Chengdu data centers and guide The green, intensive and efficient development of the data center will comprehensively support the high-quality development of the industry and the construction of a smart city.

For example, in terms of design indicators, the "Construction Regulations" pointed out that the scale of new data centers should be more than 3,000 standard racks (converted power is 2.5KW), and the average rack design power should not be less than 6KW. The proportion of rack power used for data storage functions should not be higher than 30% of the total rack power.

From the date of obtaining the construction permit, the newly built data center should be completed and put into operation within 2 years within 5,000 standard racks. For each additional 5,000 standard racks, the operation time limit can be extended by one year accordingly. The total project construction period is in principle No more than 5 years; the number of standard racks per mu of newly built and expanded data centers should not be less than 200; the proportion of core software and hardware that is independently controllable within two years of new data centers being put into operation should reach 90%.

In terms of green indicators, the "Construction Regulations" clarifies that the PUE value of new data centers should not be higher than 1.25; the new data centers should pass the green rating evaluation within two years of operation, and reach 4A and above; the old data centers with PUE value higher than 1.5 The data center should carry out green energy-saving renovation. After the renovation, the PUE should not be higher than 1.3, and the total power of IT equipment should not exceed that before the renovation.

In terms of network security, the data center should fully support IPv6, the end-to-end one-way network delay in the city area should not exceed 10ms, and have high-speed network links and internal network management capabilities; in terms of edge data centers, the scale should be within 100 standard racks , the average rack design power is not less than 6KW, and the average annual PUE after operation should not be higher than 1.5.

On the whole, the "Promotion Plan" and "Construction Regulations" put forward multi-level and detailed layout requirements for the hub nodes. Through soliciting opinions, the "Promotion Plan" and "Construction Regulations" will be further improved. In the future, with the implementation of the measures, Chengdu will speed up the implementation of the national integrated computing power network Chengdu-Chongqing national hub node task, promote the construction of data center clusters, improve the quality of computing power services, and promote the development of the digital economy. Editor / Xu Shengpeng


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