Liugong aerial work platform brave bear the task of urban renewal

Seetao 2022-09-29 14:11
  • LT20JE, LA20JE electric boom aerial work platforms are energy-saving, environmentally friendly and flexible in operation
  • The large-scale application of intelligent technology reduces the operator's operational fatigue and eases the customer's anxiety about battery life
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On the morning of July 27, 2022, in Zhenjiang, China, the Innovation and Development Forum of Urban Renewal Engineering Equipment and the Liugong Electric Boom Aerial Work Platform Product Launch was launched. The new Liugong LT20JE electric straight boom aerial work platform and LA20JE electric curved The boom-type aerial work platform was released. The release of these two products represents Liugong's efforts in the field of aerial machinery products under the national "dual carbon" strategic goal.

Create a "new landscape" in the high-altitude city

With the mission of creating better and more pollution-free cleaning equipment that is more suitable for urban applications and urban construction needs, Liugong High Machinery has entered the core field of electric boom aerial work platforms. The pure electric platforms launched this time - LT20JE, LA20JE electric boom With its modular and lightweight design, it has achieved great progress in energy saving, environmental protection, flexible operation, and wide application range, creating more practical value for customers.

While refreshing the records of construction efficiency, height and load capacity with modularity and light weight, these two electric aerial work platforms also rely on the small swing tail design, precise control technology and compact design to quickly operate in small urban areas. The work is carried out stably and rapidly, and at the same time, no emission, no noise and other environmental protection features fully meet the new needs of urban green construction in the new era.

Injecting new blood of green wisdom

Today's China's development concept is not what it used to be. The "two-carbon" strategy of promoting green development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The times call for the arrival of a new generation of green, low-carbon, intelligent and efficient domestic construction equipment. In the trend of the times, Liugong High Machinery followed the trend. The two heavyweight new products, LT20JE and LA20JE, are designed with pure electric power, which greatly reduces the cost of product use and maintenance, and improves the return on investment.

In terms of intelligent technology application, Liugong High Machinery has successfully demonstrated for the industry. Its new product adopts optimized electronic control algorithm and load-sensitive hydraulic system to achieve precise power output, which can reduce the overflow loss of hydraulic system by 30% and achieve effective energy saving; high-altitude attitude The buffer slope is independently adjusted and delayed stop technology, so that the equipment can start and stop smoothly without impact, and the running action is smooth and efficient while effectively reducing the shaking amplitude.

The large-scale application of intelligent technology not only reduces the operator's operational fatigue, but also improves the operation efficiency; at the same time, the requirements for battery life are also rising. It is understood that the two new products unveiled this time are equipped with high-power chargers and large-capacity lithium batteries. The excellent energy management system can effectively prolong battery life while improving battery life, so that the operating time of the device on a single charge can be as long as possible. Up to 3-4 days, alleviating customers' anxiety about battery life.

The standard dual-channel sensor, the protection level of the components of the whole machine is above IP67, which provides safe and reliable equipment protection for construction; the launch of the Liugong intelligent housekeeper system enables 24-hour online monitoring of equipment conditions on the cloud.

Draw a new blueprint for Liugong's development

Bravely take on the important task of urban renewal and help the green transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry. At present, LiuGong has realized the development and manufacture of electric boom aerial work platform series products, and has taken the lead in making breakthroughs in the field of electric technology research and development.

With the further professionalization of market demand, customer demand also tends to be rational. In the process of urban renewal, the application prospect of high-altitude equipment will be very broad. In the face of opportunities and challenges, Liugong will continue to implement the new development concept, formulate the 14th Five-Year Strategic Plan for the aerial machinery business, and strive to achieve the goal of becoming the leading brand of aerial work platforms in China during this strategic cycle, and provide excellent services to global customers. Aerial machinery products and services. Editor/Zhao E