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China can build Gezhouba Group overseas projects signed three consecutive

Seetao 2022-09-30 08:44
  • The rooftop PV project of Long An Industrial Park in Vietnam has a total installed capacity of 100 MW
  • The installed capacity of Congo's Muhala Hydropower Station and its supporting power transmission and transformation projects is 101 MW
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On September 29, 2022, at the 13th international investment in infrastructure and construction peak BBS signing ceremony held in Macao, China can be built with a number of units to achieve the business contracts and cooperative agreements, among them, China will build international group with huawei signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", hand in hand to expand overseas market China can build the gezhouba group overseas project three sign, Involving photovoltaic, housing, hydropower and other fields, the total amount of more than 6.1 billion yuan.

International Group and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement

China Nengjian International Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen the strategic cooperative relationship of mutual benefit and trust.

Huawei technologies co., LTD. As a leading global information and communications solutions provider, China can build international group in China can build international business at the head of the plan as a whole under centralized platform, both the advantage are highly complementary to each other, the future will be around international engineering contracting, new energy, ICT infrastructure, China can build the informationization construction to strengthen the construction of investment cooperation in an all-round way, Complement each other's advantages and share resources.

Congo (Bukhara) Hydropower Station and supporting power transmission and transformation project

China Nengjian Gezhouba Group and ENERGAZ Group signed the EPC contract for Congo (Bukhara) Hydropower Station and supporting power transmission and transformation line project.

The project is located on the Luese River, 15 km east of Mosengyo City, Niali Province. The installed capacity of the project is 101 MW. The construction contents include earth and rock dam, spillway, power station inlet, plant behind the dam, 220 kV substation, 400 km transmission line, etc.

The project is part of a hydropower cascade development along the Louese River basin in the Republic of Congo. Gezhouba Group gives full play to its core advantages in the field of water conservancy and hydropower, based on the source of the industrial chain, conducts in-depth cooperation with the Ministry of Water Conservancy and Energy of Congo (Brahman) and the owners, carries out the overall planning of the hydropower resources in the Luese River basin, and realizes the rolling development of the project reserve and development. Upon completion of the project, it will effectively reduce the share of fossil fuels in power generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and effectively alleviate the severe shortage of electricity in Congo.

Rooftop photovoltaic project in Long An Industrial Park, Vietnam

China Nengjian Gezhouba International Co., Ltd. and Singapore Kai Neng Pte., Ltd. signed the EPC contract agreement for a 100-MW rooftop photovoltaic project in Long An Industrial Park, Vietnam.

The project is located in the Industrial Park of Long An Province, which is rich in light resources in Vietnam. It is planned to use the roof of the plant in the park to invest in the construction of distributed roof photovoltaic with a total installed capacity of 100 MW, including the design, supply, installation, commissioning and trial operation of the project. The implementation of the project will provide self-provided power support and guarantee for the industrial park, help enterprises to save energy and reduce emissions, and provide tax incentives for exports, and help investors and business owners of the park achieve win-win goals.

Malaysia Maritime Authority Administrative Complex project

China Nengjian Gezhouba International and Malaysia's Faldze Holdings SDN.BHD. Signed the contract agreement of the Administrative Complex Project of the Maritime Authority of Malaysia.

Located in Selangor, Malaysia, the project is an important livelihood project with the theme of "Malaysian Family, Prosperity and Well-being". The project includes the headquarters of Maritime Safety Administration, multi-function hall, staff residence, sports facilities, staff parade venue, indoor target venue, storage room, etc., with a total construction area of about 111,000 square meters.   editor Zhao E


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