24 key water conservancy projects in Henan start construction

Seetao 2022-09-30 10:38
  • The construction project involves many aspects such as flood control and disaster reduction, water resource allocation, etc
  • After completion, it will provide investment boosting effect for guaranteeing and improving people's livelihood
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On September 28, 2022, a mobilization meeting for 24 key water conservancy projects, including the first-phase water ecological treatment project of the Old Yellow River, was held in Minquan County, Shangqiu. It is understood that the total investment of 24 key water conservancy projects started this time is 24.8 billion yuan, including the first-phase water ecological management of the old Yellow River, the four modernizations of rural water supply (8 counties), the management of key plains and depressions in the Huaihe River Basin, the management of Jinshui River in Zhengzhou, Key water conservancy projects such as flood control during the 14th Five-Year Plan period in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, continued construction of large and medium-sized irrigation areas, and modernization projects, involving flood control and disaster mitigation, water resources allocation, water ecological governance, etc. , to provide water security and support for the high-quality development of Henan Province and the realization of two guarantees.

key water conservancy projects

It is reported that the total investment of the first phase of the water ecological management project of the old Yellow River is 1.678 billion, and the construction period is 24 months. After the implementation of the project, the new storage capacity will be 71.8 million cubic meters, the total storage capacity of the three reservoirs will reach 164 million cubic meters, and the new water surface area will be 1,050 hectares, making the available yellow water diversion to 315 million cubic meters, which can meet the requirements of the Sanyi Village Irrigation District in Shangqiu 2,145,000 mu of farmland is irrigated and replenished with water, supplying 200,000 tons of water to the urban area of Shangqiu City and 100,000 tons of water to the urban area of Minquan County. day emergency water supply needs.

The total investment of the 14th Five-Year Flood Control Project on the lower reaches of the Yellow River is 1.812 billion yuan. The construction content mainly includes 34 new and continued construction of control and guidance, 27 reconstruction and reinforcement of control and guidance, 6 reconstruction and reinforcement of dangerous works, 68 reconstruction and reinforcement of protective dams, and 15 flood control roads. 78.28 The project is an important measure to implement the strategy of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin. It is an important part of accelerating the construction of defense lines against natural disasters and making up for the shortcomings of disaster prevention infrastructure. After completion, it will further improve the flood control system in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, effectively improve the river conditions of the wandering reaches, and improve the flood discharge and sediment transport capacity of the river.

The total investment of the key plain depression control project in the Huaihe River Basin is 4.002 billion yuan, and 118 main and tributary rivers are rehabilitated. The construction content mainly includes dredging 1,334.969 kilometers of main and tributary rivers, strengthening and building dykes for 222.393 kilometers, building 72.58 kilometers of flood control roads on the top of dikes, and building, rebuilding and 869 buildings of various types have been repaired. After the implementation of the project, the standard for waterlogging removal in river courses has reached a once-in-five-year standard, and the flood control standard on embankments has reached a once-in-20-year standard.

The rural water supply four modernization projects, which have been started intensively, involve eight counties including Ruzhou City, Yindu District, Changyuan City, Xiangcheng County, Xichuan County, Qi County, Heshan District and Wuyang County. The rural population is 3.45 million. The Wuxing Reservoir, Doupo Reservoir, Qingtianhe Reservoir and other risk-removing and reinforcement projects on the left bank of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project will play a positive role in flood control and disaster reduction and the safety of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project.

As a basic, strategic and leading infrastructure, water conservancy projects have a wide coverage, strong investment driving force, long industrial chain, and many employment opportunities, which play an important role in expanding domestic demand and stimulating economic growth. Since 2022, Henan Province has planned a total of 1,155 projects in seven categories (413 continued and 742 newly built), with an annual planned investment of 117.9 billion yuan. As of the end of August, a total of 1,115 projects have been started, with an operating rate of 96.5%; the annual investment of 97.588 billion yuan has been completed, accounting for 82.8% of the annual investment plan. Editor/He Yuting