Ye Hui: Do the traction of precision, the leader

Seetao 2022-10-05 11:04
  • The highest level of fitter is grinding, the highest pursuit of grinding is high precision
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Today, we will talk about the story of Ye Hui, the second generation grinder of China Aerospace Science and Industry Institute

Foreigners say the Chinese can't do this kind of precision. Ye Hui, "Aerospace Grinder" : You get rid of the word "China". "No instrument can measure the precision that my hand can achieve."

He said: "The biggest country, we are loyal to the country, the country has a family."

In 1997, Ye Hui, a fitter, graduated from a technical school and was assigned to the Second Academy of China Aerospace Science, Technology and Industry. He was told that "there is a special skill that you must learn". The skill was grinding.

"Ninety-three parade", the parade ground on the accuracy of the major powers and Ye Hui personally to build the benchmark is closely related.

In his 25 years in the industry, Ye Hui's hand grinding can achieve a precision that no instrument can measure. Editor/Sang Xiaomei