3.702 billion! Jiangxi Meijiang irrigation project started bidding

Seetao 2022-10-09 11:32
  • The designed irrigation area of the project is 580,000 mu, and the total investment of the project is 3.702 billion yuan
  • The project cooperation period is 30 years, including 3 years for construction and 27 years for operation
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On October 8, 2022, the Chinese government procurement website published the public bidding announcement of the PPP project of Meijiang Irrigation District in Jiangxi Province. The project belongs to the water conservancy industry and the tenderee is Meijiang Irrigation District Water Conservancy Project Management Center in Ningdu County. The total investment of the project is 3.702 billion yuan.

Project overview

Construction location of this project: Meijiang Irrigation Area is located in the whole area of Ningdu County and on both sides of the main stream of Meijiang River in Ningdu County. It takes 29 large, medium and small (1) type reservoirs, 22 water pumps, 17 water lifting projects and 1 connecting project as the backbone water source, and many other auxiliary water sources such as small (2) type reservoirs, mountain ponds and small water pumps. It COVERS all 22 of the 24 townships in Ningdu County EXCEPT Xiaotian Township in the north and TianBU Township in the SOUTHEAST, with a designed irrigation area of 580,000 mu.

The main construction content of this project is the backbone project of Meijiang irrigation District in Jiangxi Province, which consists of water source project, channel project, water drawing project, connecting project and drainage project. Main construction contents: There are 22 water source projects, including 7 water diversion projects, 14 water lifting projects and 1 new connection project. 66 key water distribution canal systems were constructed, with a total length of 336.60 km. Including 32.59 km of existing channel repair lining, 129.19 km of reconstruction, 174.82 km of new construction. Eleven key drainage channels, 46.48 kilometers in length, are dredged. In THE IRRIGATION AREA, 1188 CANAL SYSTEM BUILDINGS OF VARIOUS KINDS HAVE BEEN BUILT, REBUILT AND STRENGTHENED, INCLUDING 54 AQUEDUCTS, 5 INVERTED SIPHONS, 22 TUNNELS, 588 BOXES (DARK) CULVERTS, 247 SLUICES OF VARIOUS KINDS, 100 FLOOD DRAINS, 2 FALLS, 2 OVERFLOW WEIRS AND 168 AGRICULTURAL Bridges. In addition, supporting the construction of the backbone of the above comprehensive coverage of the information engineering.

The project construction management mainly includes the construction management, organization and coordination of the new backbone project package A, package B and the new field project package C.

The operation and maintenance of the project mainly includes the direct operation and maintenance of the new key project B package, the new key project A package and the agricultural irrigation facilities of the existing key project, and the entrusted operation and maintenance of the new field project C package. The project company shall operate and maintain the key projects including the key water source project, the key water distribution project and the key drainage project within the Meijiang Irrigation Area in accordance with the law. According to the relevant standards and project performance assessment requirements, the project water PI, pumping station, main branch canals and canal system buildings shall be maintained, repaired, and silt removed. To maintain and repair irrigation facilities in field projects, clear silt and provide irrigation water supply and raw water supply services. Key words: engineering construction information, engineering construction, engineering news

The project cooperation period is 30 years, including 3 years for construction and 27 years for operation.

Obtaining Tender Documents

Interested bidders are requested to obtain the tender documents from 8:30 am to 12:00 AM and 14:30 PM to 17:30 PM every day from October 08, 2022 to October 13, 2022. Deadline for submission of tender documents: 15:00 PM, October 28, 2022. Bid Opening hall, Ningdu Sub-Center, Ganzhou Public Resources Trading Center. Editor/Zhao E