Push multi hammer head cement crusher may open two degrees

Seetao 2022-10-12 11:21
  • Shantui PSJ400 multi hammer cement crusher, the construction cost is reduced by 30%, the efficiency is increased by 20%
  • Shanti cement crusher product quality, crushing speed and effect praised by customers
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If you want to be rich, build roads. On the border of Yunnan with rich tourism resources, the blue sky and white clouds are picturesque. For tourists, in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery, comfortable driving experience is also an important part of the promotion of local tourism. For the cement road surface white to black, Shantu crusher, as the first order and disorder two working modes in China, adapt to different environment engineering sharp tools, is the first to bear the brunt, has become the best choice of such projects around the construction products.

In order not to destroy the local natural resources, how to reuse the damaged cement road resources is the top priority. At present, the preferred process of changing the white to black is the crushing petrochemical process, which not only uses the original cement pavement to be broken and cracked by the multi-hammer cement crusher, the mesh roller is rolled, the gravel is scattered, and the water stability and asphalt are spread after the synchronous asphalt sealing layer. Main hammer and side hammer weight design, suitable for various thickness of cement pavement work. Compared with the traditional construction method, the use of Shanti PSJ400 more hammer head cement crusher, the construction cost can be effectively reduced by 30%, the efficiency is significantly increased by 20%, the broken cement as the base to continue to use, green environmental protection.

In July 2022, after a long time of market research and site visit, Manager Zhang compared the multi-hammer cement crusher of Shantui and other companies, and finally purchased the first PSJ400 multi-hammer cement crusher of Shantui. After 3 months of use, "this efficiency, buy a mountain push!" Mr. Zhang is very satisfied with the stable product quality, efficient crushing speed and effect of Shantui cement crusher.

In October, with the construction of a new national highway, he did not hesitate to choose the second PSJ400 multi-hammer cement crusher in Shantui. Customers say that Sunpush products are not only powerful, reliable performance, but also efficient and energy saving. In the future, with the continuous increase of the project volume, we will continue to develop further cooperation with Shantui, and we are full of great confidence and expectation. Editor/He Yuting


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