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Offshore wind power plus energy storage implemented in Hebei

Seetao 2022-10-13 11:35
  • The completion of this project will continuously promote the large-scale base development and construction of offshore wind power
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On October 10, 2022, the Tangshan Municipal government released the Development Plan for offshore wind Power (2022-2035), which proposed to promote the development of multiple energy storage methods.

Relying on the development of offshore wind power, we will actively expand and extend the downstream industrial chain of energy storage, encourage qualified energy enterprises to implement the "offshore wind power + energy storage" project, and guide and support the promotion and application of energy storage technology coordinated with centralized new energy power generation. Expand the energy storage application of scattered battery resources such as electric vehicles, rely on the innovative technology of charging facility construction enterprises in our city, actively carry out intelligent charging and discharging business of electric vehicles, and accelerate the formation of a power system energy storage system with the integration of pumped storage, electrochemical energy storage, hydrogen energy storage and other energy storage technologies.

Develop energy storage equipment. Centering on hydrogen energy storage, the industrial chain of hydrogen refueling equipment such as compressor, key valve body of refueling equipment and high-pressure parts should be developed to promote the development of gaseous hydrogen storage, liquid hydrogen storage, solid hydrogen storage and other technologies and the industrialization of new materials. Centering on the docking with advanced electrochemical energy storage enterprises such as Ningde Times, support the city's power battery enterprises to become bigger and stronger, focus on the development of energy storage batteries, energy storage control system manufacturing, promote the lithium battery positive and negative electrodes, battery separator, electrolyte and other battery industry chain key links to accelerate the development, and strengthen the power battery industry chain. Editor/Zhao E