Big Tengxia irrigation project project started bidding

Seetao 2022-10-13 14:39
  • This project design total irrigation area of 100.1 million mu, for the large type 2 irrigation area, Ⅱ and other projects
  • The project is scheduled to take 60 months with a total investment of 7.97 billion yuan
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On October 12, 2022, Guangxi Public Resources Trading Center released the bidding announcement of general contract for design, procurement and construction of Datenxia Water Conservancy Project, Shepo River and Luoxian irrigation area. The project belongs to the water conservancy industry, and the total investment of the project is 7.97 billion yuan.

Project overview

Project scale: Datangxia Irrigation Area Project is a supporting project of Datangxia Water Conservancy project, and is one of the 150 national major water conservancy project construction projects. The project task is mainly agricultural irrigation, giving consideration to water supply in villages and towns, and creating conditions for regional rural revitalization. The irrigated area is located in the famous drought area of Guizhong in Guangxi, covering 25 towns and townships in 2 cities, 4 counties and districts in Guigang City, Pingnan County, Laibin Xingbin District and Wuxuan County. The total irrigation area is designed to be 1.001 million mu, and water is injected into the Dapai Reservoir irrigation area. It is a type II irrigation area and other projects. The planned duration of this project: 60 months.

The scope of this project is Xunwang, Shepo River and Luoxian irrigation piece in the south bank of Xunjiang River. The main construction content includes the construction of Xunwang water replenishing main pipe and Mugui water replenishing main pipe, the new Biling pump station and Mugui pump station, Xunwang, Shepo River and Luoxian irrigation piece renewal supporting works and related auxiliary buildings. The total length of Biling water refill main pipe line is about 4.81km, and the design flow rate is 1.4m3/s. The total length of Mukui water supply line is 6.23km, and the design flow rate is 0.6m3/s. The total length of supporting works for Shepo River irrigation piece renewal is about 129.04km; The total length of supporting works for the renewal of Xunwang irrigation piece is about 8.49km; The total length of supporting works for the extension of Luoxian irrigation piece is about 26.98km.

Acquisition and submission of tender documents

Bidders who intend to participate in the bidding are requested to download the bidding documents, preliminary documents and other documents from the public resources trading platform of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region from the date of publication of the bidding announcement to the deadline of bidding. The deadline is 10:00am on November 3, 2022. Editor/Zhao E