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Heavyweight! The bidding of 1110MW wind power project units is open!

Seetao 2022-10-16 08:55
  • Hebei 300MW Wind Power Project, Shandong 510MW Offshore Wind Power Project, Anhui 200MW Wind Power Project
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Recently, five wind power projects have started bidding for wind turbine units, with a total capacity of 1110MW. Including Hebei 300MW wind power project, Shandong 510MW offshore wind power project, Anhui 200MW wind power project and South Korea 100MW wind power project. The details are as follows.

Bidding Announcement for Procurement of Wind Turbine Generator Equipment of CCCC Pingquan 300MW Wind Power Project

The tenderee of wind turbine unit equipment procurement for Pingquan 300MW Wind Power Project of this bidding project is Pingquan Derun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. The fund for the bidding project is self raised by the enterprise, and the investment proportion is 100%. The project has met the bidding conditions. Now, open bidding is conducted for the procurement of wind turbine equipment (including tower, flange and auxiliary equipment).

The Jiaotou Pingquan 300MW Wind Power Project is located in the mountainous area in the north of Pingquan City, Chengde City, Hebei Province, involving Maolangou Township, Pingfang Manchu and Mongolian Township, and Beiwusijiazi Town. The site area is about 350km2. The center is about 19.6km away from Pingquan downtown in the southwest. G11 and G239 pass through Fengning County and S244 near the site. The total planned installed capacity of the Project is 300MW. It is planned to install 5.0MW~6.0MW wind turbine units with a single capacity, and the number of stands shall not exceed 60.   

Complete sets of wind turbine generator units, towers, flanges and auxiliary equipment required for the procurement of wind power projects, including but not limited to: engine room, towers, blades, hubs, tower anchor bolts, connecting bolts, towers, flanges, etc; Elevator, automatic fire protection, cable in tower, optical cable, lighting system, etc; Procurement and assembly of accessories inside the tower (cable clamps, cable bridges, aluminum alloy ladders, safety rails and other interior trim parts, platforms, sockets, cables and other electrical accessories, fire protection systems, nails, liquid dampers, damping fluid and other tower components); Purchase and installation of fan central monitoring system, fan stand-alone information system, wireless production and office network system, fan vibration online monitoring system and video monitoring system; Fabrication and installation of cable hole tray of each platform. Provide factory drawings and data, transport brackets and other auxiliary equipment, and conduct factory acceptance, packaging and transportation to the destination; And the requirements in the technical specifications, including the design standards, technical specifications, scope of work, delivery schedule, on-site technical services and other requirements of the control and monitoring system. The Tenderer shall be responsible for transporting all contract objects to the designated stand delivery point of the project. The Tenderer shall fully investigate and demonstrate the culverts, bridges and other structures and buildings along the way according to the route and mode of heavy cargo transportation, and propose a plan for heavy cargo transportation to ensure that heavy equipment is transported to the designated delivery place on the project site. If culvert, bridge, road, building, etc. need to be reconstructed along the way, all reconstruction costs from the Tenderer's factory to the project road boundary shall be borne by the Seller. Before bidding, the Bidder shall go to the site to conduct a detailed survey of the terrain and landform of the roads and wind farms along the line, and take into account the costs of all possible risks and difficulties in the bid price. See the technical agreement and scope of supply for specific supply contents. The Tenderer shall respond to the investment and tax policies of the government where the project is located. Delivery place: on-site stand delivery or the place designated by the Tenderee. Delivery date: the specific delivery time shall be subject to the time notified in writing by the Tenderee.

The model offered by the Tenderer shall have obtained the type certification report issued by the authority meeting the grid connection requirements. If not, the Tenderer shall issue the Letter of Commitment for Type Approval Report and the design certification report issued by the authority. The Letter of Commitment for Type Approval Report must promise to obtain the type approval report before grid connection; Make a commitment that the configuration model of large parts of the model is consistent with the model in the type approval report.

The Bidder's model has obtained the test report (including but not limited to high voltage ride through, low voltage ride through, power quality report, etc.) issued by a qualified organization in accordance with the Interim Measures for the Administration of Grid Connection Testing of Wind Turbines. If not, the Tenderer shall issue the Letter of Commitment for Grid Connection Test Report and promise to obtain the corresponding test report before grid connection.

Units that have an interest relationship with the tenderee that may affect the fairness of the tender shall not participate in the tender; If the person in charge of the unit is the same person or different units that have shareholding or management relationship, they shall not participate in the bidding at the same time, otherwise the relevant bidding will be invalid.

Those who are interested in participating in the bidding, please log in the "Hebei Public Resources Trading Service Platform" and "Hebei Communications Investment Bidding and Procurement Service Platform" from 09:00 to 17:00 (Beijing Time, the same below), 2022-10-14( )At the same time, download the electronic bidding documents.

The deadline for submission of bid documents is 09:00 on November 8, 2022-10. The bidder should log in to the "Hebei Communications Investment Bidding and Procurement Service Platform" via the Internet using Hebei CA digital certificate or Hebei Communications Investment CA digital certificate before the deadline, and upload the encrypted bid documents successfully. This bidding is in the form of electronic bidding. The tenderee will not invite bidders to participate in the on-site bid opening, but must log on to the "Hebei CCIT Bidding and Procurement Service Platform" at the time of bid opening( )The online bid opening hall shall complete the decryption and confirmation of bid documents on time, and can watch the live video of bid opening in the live broadcast hall of bid opening. Article 5.2 of this announcement is modified as follows: The tenderee will reject the bid documents that have not been uploaded on the electronic trading platform before the deadline for bid submission and have not been encrypted as required. Bidders are requested to submit electronic bidding documents as required.Editor/Xing Wentao