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Shanghai Electric Jinchuan 100000 KW wind power project overtime production

Seetao 2022-10-18 11:44
  • The single machine capacity of the project is 6.25MW, and the blade length reaches 89 meters
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Golden autumn in October, national celebration, when people enjoy holiday time to relax, Shanghai electric jinchuan district 100000 kw wind power projects are still active on a busy figure, project staff to give up to rest, to stick to in the construction of the first line, the holidays don't stop, they use one of the most simple sincere way to celebrate the birthday of the motherland, For the company's construction and development silently dedication.

Holidays do not stop production, stick to the front line, this is the National Day during the true portrayal of engineering personnel. This is a project team without any holidays. During the seven-day National Day holiday, they came to the construction site early as usual to overcome difficulties such as high wind and cold weather, and inspected the main crane and the lifting gear before lifting. In order to better promote the overall progress of the project, they directed and coordinated the construction personnel to optimize the connection work of the lifting process. Since the project has entered the windy season, in order to compete for the windless window period of hoisting, the management staff and construction staff of the project department often work overtime until late at night, waiting for the hoisting of blade hub in the windless window period, and urging the construction staff to stretch the spindle bolts overnight, so as to lay the foundation for the transfer of the main hoisting field the next day. In order to complete the construction period node set by the owner, the project requires the construction unit to organize the second construction team to enter the site and open the second hoisting operation surface. The single machine capacity of the project is 6.25MW, the overall appearance of the equipment is large, and the blade length is up to 89 meters. Due to the frequent windy weather, the equipment is seriously driven. In order to ensure safety, all the management personnel of the project department go deep into the site to help the construction team pull the cable and wind rope when the main engine room and hub blades are in place. Through everyone's efforts, a fan has been erected, all the work in the project is in order to advance, each construction surface is a scene in full swing.

When everyone is visiting relatives and friends, go out to play, enjoy the holiday, it is this group of respectable and lovely power construction people, silently stick to their posts, no regrets, fulfill their duties, write a moving song of workers! Editor/Zhao E