Reconstruction of Beixi floodwater diversion bridge sluice in Guangdong started

Seetao 2022-10-20 10:04
  • The project is mainly used for irrigation, power generation, etc., and the construction period is 540 days
  • After completion, it can effectively improve the flood control and disaster resistance ability of the bridge gate
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Recently, the reconstruction project of Beixi flood Diversion Bridge gate in Chaozhou, Guangdong, which was contracted by the 9th Hydropower Bureau of China Power Construction Corporation, has been officially started, which effectively helps Chaozhou integrate into the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" construction and development fast track.

Reconstruction project of Beixi flood Diversion Bridge gate in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province

It is reported that the reconstruction project of Beixi flood Diversion bridge gate in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province is located in Xiangqiao District, Chaozhou city, Guangdong Province. It is a public welfare people's livelihood water conservancy project, the main function is used for irrigation, power generation, flood discharge, drainage and communication between the two sides of the traffic, etc. Project design flood control standard for 30 years, check the flood standard for 100 years, the sluice according to 8 degrees of seismic fortification, engineering and other don't for Ⅱ, the sluice capacity in 1000 to 5000 cubic meters/second, the main building level for 2.

The main construction content of the project is the reconstruction of the original site of the sluice, including the reconstruction of the flood diversion bridge sluice, the connection buildings between the two sides, the energy dissipation works under the sluice, the reconstruction of the diversion sluice of the power station, the construction of management houses, flood prevention warehouses and other engineering management facilities; The sluice has 5 holes in total, with a single hole net width of 15 meters and a total net width of 75 meters; The floodgates are successively covered upstream, sluice chamber, downstream silencing pool, sea flood, anti-flood trough, etc. The planned construction period of the project is 540 days.

After completion, it will effectively guarantee the flood control demand in flood season and ensure the safety of local people's lives and property; At the same time, it can ensure the needs of residents for domestic water, farmland irrigation and power supply, provide green and beautiful leisure places for nearby residents, further create a livable and productive living environment, and provide important support for the sustained and healthy development of local economy and society and stable employment of people. Editor/He Yuting