CRBC Helps the Construction of New Bridge Project in Samar Island, Philippines

Seetao 2022-10-21 11:21
  • The construction of the project will accelerate the layout of the Philippines' transportation network
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The Philippines plans to build a new four lane highway bridge to connect Samar Island. The cross sea project will be managed by the Ministry of Public Works and Roads. Meanwhile, CRBC is responsible for the design and construction of the bridge project.

The bridge connection between Davao City and Samar Island is expected to cost US $391.6 million. The project is the result of discussions between the Philippine government and the Chinese government. The majority of the funds for the Samar Davao connecting line project are provided by China.

At the same time, funds from Japan will help pay for the 45.4km Davao urban bypass construction project. The package was provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency. The construction of this route will shorten the travel time of drivers between Barangay JP Laurel in Panabo City and Barangay Sirawan in Toril District through the trans Philippine highway diversion.Editor/Xing Wentao