Qilian County placer gold mining area ecological project won the bid

Seetao 2022-10-21 12:11
  • The winning amount of the project is 1.632 million yuan and the construction period is one year
  • After the completion of the project, the ecological environment of the mining area will be effectively improved and optimized, so as to effectively control the potential geological hazards of the mine
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Recently, Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Institute successfully won the bid for the ecological restoration project of No.1 area in the Daqingshui historical legacy placer gold overmining area in Qilian County, with a winning amount of 1.632 million yuan and a construction period of one year.

This project is the first Qilian Mountain area ecological restoration project contracted by Hydraulic Engineering and Environmental Institute. The main construction contents include slag heap excavation and backfilling 52926.43 cubic meters, site leveling 18,191.71 cubic meters, grass seed sowing 90959.57 square meters, organic fertilizer 34297.5 kilograms, non-woven cloth 90959.57 square meters, The treatment area is 16.76 hectares.

In the visible range of this gold deposit, the damaged exposed mountain not only seriously affects the natural landscape of the area, but also brings safety hazards to the areas of human gathering and activities such as the governing area and the surrounding villages and provincial roads. The implementation of the project has effectively controlled the potential geological hazards of the mine and significantly improved and optimized the ecological environment of the mine. Editor/Zhao E